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  1. Good afternoon,
    I'm in the need of some models and was seeking some advice on best places to look. We are producing a brochure for our company's internship program.
    The look and models need to feel realistic. Stock photography is too posed or the models are unrealistically attractive. We just had budget chops so I'm not going to get both a photographer and models. I have experience doing the types of shots I want, head shots and group interaction.
    As it happens, my experience has always been either getting models through an agency or a photographer and selecting from head shots—and usually for B to C versus a telecom clientele.
    I've been down the road of shooting employees and friends. Just not worth the hassle of working with people out of the profession of modeling.
    What agencies cater to more 'realistic' looking models? We're a telecom company and size four women or hunky studs don't abound here.
    Dawson and Campbell agencies don't advertise too many in this range. But I've not called them yet either.
    Also I've not had any interaction with Model Mayhem, which seems to get suggested a lot here, is that a fairly reliable source?
    Regards, James
  2. How about asking the actual people who work at your company to 'model' for the brochure pictures? Tell them to wear something presentable the next day, let them do it during work time, get appropriate releases, and explain to them that the company will give a $100 (or $250 or whatever) bonus to whomever's pictures it uses.
    One of my former workplaces produced a brochure with stock photos instead of the actual people who worked there. I thought it was a really bad idea / horribly tacky / somewhat dishonest. And I think employee morale will be better if some (preferably a representative variety) of them are in the brochure, instead of models.
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    Although my former employer (a large international bank) periodically used professional models for some ads, we often found that using employees worked very well, especially when clients and prospects recognized them from the ads.
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    What agencies cater to more 'realistic' looking models?​

    Many professional models can be made up and dressed to look "realistic."
  5. "Commercial" agencies (as opposed to agencies oriented toward runway and fashion). If you're in Los Angeles, there's a ton of them in LA411.
  6. I'm shying away from using internal folk. Our HR/Legal group is a bit risk averse in using actual employees (even though we always get a model release), in case the employees leave. This never used to be a problem till recently.
    Either way hiring models will at least be in our proposal for the project budget. Maybe the cost might loosen their perspective.
    Another idea that popped into my head was maybe hitting up drama departments and the art schools for students.
    Ah the life of corporate in-house design!
  7. You find models all around you if you don't live in the Forrest. The key is to ask. not everybody would say yes but I have not met anyone that have been offended. its a great compliment for most girls if someone ask them to model. So were ever you find girls you find people you find models. Go to a café or take a trip with the local bus.
  8. I have used Model Mayhem quite often in the past. You can see the models, look through their portfolios, see there stats and them message them if you think they will work for what you are going for.
    I draw from that site a lot when it comes to product photography and have found some wonderful models throughout the years.
  9. Thanks for the feedback everyone. Now that things are getting back to normal after the holidays I might be looking into Model Mayhem.
  10. How about a Craigslist Ad?

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