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  1. Hi

    I was reading this post

    Reversal Paper for RA4 Processing?

    when I got to the end of the first page it says there are 13 more posts on page 2
    but clicking on page 2 is just a blank page with option to go back to page 1

    dose anybody have a copy of the second page ?
    the wayback machine says the page is on the web which it is but without any content


  2. Robin, there are no more posts on the thread. A couple of years ago the web site was completely rewritten. One of the differences was that the new site allowed for a lot more posts per page than the old one. Old threads occupy far fewer pages having been brought into the new site, but for some reason the original number of pages is still shown, making users think that posts are missing. I hope this is clear.
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  3. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    It is as John has explained: there is nothing missing from that thread.

    You'll also notice, in that old thread, all the comments are " #1 ".

    As opposed to this thread, where your Opening Post is #1, John's response is #2, and my response is #3.

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