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Discussion in 'Minox' started by brian__|2, Feb 29, 2000.

  1. For anyone that has made use of the Minox finder mirror, do people REALLY not realize they are being photographed? If you point your body away from them, and the camera is pointed toward the subject, don't you need at least a fake lens on the side of the camera that is purportedly taking the photograph? Otherwise, if the subject wonders what you are doing since you are holding something interesting, and they see what looks like a round dot pointed at them...
  2. I have used the finder mirror to take candid shots. Most people don't
    have a clue. Unless they are really close, they can't tell what it IS
    much less which way the lens is pointing. Let's face it, an 8X11
    Minox doesn't look much like a camera, and from a distance can be
    mistaken for anything from a cigarette lighter to a pager. With the
    mirror, you are limited to taking vertical shots, IF you want the
    image in the finder to be right side up. You can hold the camera
    horizontal, but the image in the mirror will be upside down. I've
    taken more than a few candid pictures of people with a look of
    puzzlement on their face, or their dropped jaw, or even a
    disbelieving grin.

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