Finally pulled the trigger on a Z body

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by mark4583|1, Aug 31, 2020.

  1. So after back and forth for some time now I found a real good deal on a used Z7 24-70 f4, Ftz and 120gb Sony card for less than a new Z6 with kit lens so I could not pass it up, menu button keeps messing me up and I keep moving my focus points hitting the joystick but I am liking it a lot, used my Zeiss 85mm 1.4 with peaking and now I am in heaven, so nice with my eye's not as good as they were, makes it so much easier.
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  2. The Z7 body is now only $2500. Very tempting! It's cheaper than the D850.
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    I only have a Z6, but I am sure the Z7 is great. The first generation Z bodies are two years old. New models are pretty much expected so that the old models are cheaper now, but they are still fine cameras.
  4. I think any of the newer stuff is going to be well out of my range.
  5. Just did a shutter count on it,,, 46
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    Mark, again, congratulations on your Z7. I am sure it is a good deal. That shutter count is awfully low.

    Earlier this year, perhaps it was a pricing error on Amazon's part, they had what Mark just bought, but new, for $2846.90. That deal was around for like 3, 4 days, and a bunch of people took advantage of it. As far as I know, they received new, Nikon USA Z7 kits.

    Nikon Z7 + 24-70/4 S + FTZ = $2846.90 @ Amzon

    At this point, any successor to the Z7 will probably go back to $3400 for the body only, at least initially.
  7. I was squirming at this price tag after getting the 70-200FL a couple months ago :) but I am headed for retirement in a couple years, I need some toys to play with, lol
  8. I'm hoping the soon-to-be upgraded Z6 and Z7 will drop the (new) price of the 'old' versions.

    It's interesting how the 2nd hand selling price, of Z6s in particular, hasn't dropped much here in UK... ~£1K for body only, £1.2K for FTZ and £1.5K for 24-70mm S.
  9. Just saw that kit being offered new for under $3100 - some $900 below the introductory price some two years ago. I don't think D850 prices have dropped as much - and that body was announced (but not readily available) a year earlier.
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    Right, Nikon introduced the Z7 two years ago ag $3400 initially, and the 24-70mm/f4 S kit lens was an additional $600. Nikon has been discounting the Z7 by $600. It looks like they have just knocked another $100 off it.

    Again, it should be a lot cheaper to manufacture a Z7 than a D850 since there is no mirror, and I understand Nikon Z manufacturing involves a lot more robotics, further reducing the cost. Meanwhile, the D850 has also been discounted sometimes with a free vertical grip. Therefore it is hard to compare the deals.
  11. My nightsky workshop leaders recommend the Z7. From my research the Z6 is supposedly a little better for low light . But I think they are going for the larger files.
  12. I suppose if they're using trackers, ISO doesn't really matter.

    However, stacking D850 files is quite a-lot of computer effort, so I guess Z7 files are too!
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