FInally payed my dues

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  1. Dear PN members, I have been learning, commenting and sharing with you for the last 1 year, finally I came to realization that this service is so immense aspecially for us, wedding photographers that I have finally paid the membership fee. It is 100% worth it. Keep the good questions rolling. Greg
  2. Greg, I entirely agree. I am an amatuer aspiring wedding photographer with really no clue what I'm doing except for being told I have a good eye which I guess is a start. Some "pros" surely look down on me but most on this site are entirely encouraging and helpful! As long as I think I may be able to make a go at this (or even if I just get pointers as an amatuer)I plan to become an official member soon especially so I can enter photos for critique from someone other than friends and family. I also love that this site has an official monitor who has deleted the thread I mistakingly started over the weekend which got out of control. I love your website and the "letter to the bride" is especially thoughful although you may ammend it. I have been answering ads for budget wedding photographers and many if not most have been the groom searching so there is a market in them too.
  3. why can't i size the photos right?!
  4. Lauren,
    Thank you for your kind comments. To size the photo properly, use save to web in photoshop keep it at 72 dpi and you should be fine.

  5. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    keep it at 72 dpi
    "DPI" is irrelevant for screen display. Screens display pixels, not inches.
    The guidelines for images to properly display are given when you post the image.
  6. Jeff you are right, I generally lower the resolution not to clutter up the server.
  7. i use hp image zone and have sized the photos to 72dpi. I'm about as computer illiterate as I am photographically illiterate.
  8. No website in the world is worth of paying.<br>
  9. To get the pictures to display in line, you need to size them to be no more than 511 pixels wide, and you must include a tile/caption. They also have to be either jpg or gif images. I though it was worth paying for. If enough of us contribute a small amount, is cheap intertainment. Educational too. One thing I've noticed in life is that the older you are the more likely you will be to contribute to a cause/organization. Sometimes it's money and other times it's effort. I think this phenomenon has something to do with maturity as there are far too few 20 & 30 somethings that seriously contribute to much of anything in life unless they are outright charged for it. I've noticed that they don't tip well either. And none of this seems to have anything to do with how much money one actually has. Older poor people contribute more and more often that wealthy younger people. And furthermore, I found the same pattern in my own life as I've grown up. I'd love to be proven wrong by a bunch of generous young contibuters to though. :)
  10. I agree. $25.00 is a SMALL price to pay for the thousands of dollars of information that I have learned off this site. How many books would I have had to buy, or how many seminars would I have to have gone to to learn this information? (Don't get me wrong, seminars and books still have a place.) Or how many $$ would be spent on the wrong equipment with no place to research it? I am happy to contribute my $25.00!
  11. Lovely photo Greg. Jim - I will bite - I am a 30 something and find that most of the people I know who are active in human rights work or contributing to causes such as the environment are 20-30 somethings. I am sure there are many older people also doing this, however the ones I know (& my friends are from all generations) seem to have become cynical, or absorbed in their own world. I know there will be many older people contributing too - don't get me wrong - I am just showing the other side of it. It's not about age, but about awareness. Conscious and aware behaviour and alternatively ignorance & apathy are found in equal measures scattered throughout different age demographics. Not being argumentative, just had to bite : ) PS: I am a big tipper. And I agree that PN is a great service worth paying for, and will be doing so soon. : )
  12. Come on now Derec.......would it be worth it to you if it all of a sudden shut down today? What would you then be doing with the time you valued enough to partake in this forum? How much $$ would you spend seeking advise and opinions from other sources.....such that you get from here with a few clicks? I'm not trying to give you a hard time.......i just am trying to understand your reasioning by putting a 0 value on a resource such as this.
  13. If makes membership mandatory, I'll be the first one to disappear.<br>
    And, I guarantee, somebody will come up with a free site.<br>
    When a website has a lot of visitors... there are many ways to profit from that traffic.<br>
  14. Derek - I doubt will ever demand $$ of its members. So, you are in luck. However, some of us are grateful for the site and wish to donate money to give a little back for what we've received. <p>In fact, I donate hours to the POW moderation and this forum as well. That should be enough...but...I decided to donate money for membership anyway because I learn so much here and want to support the site in hopes it can survive and improve. Cheers.
  15. Ditto to the paid dues,

    not that all people NEED to, but for those who feel its a value ( i'm thinking the rates for a head shrink ) it is a cheap price to pay for the fun and lively chat. Not to mention the constant resource for questions to be answered rather quickly and, often, very well.

    Conversely, Derek, I like to read your posts and therefore think we should pay you :).
  16. Ditto to Marys' post. I'm in a similar position myself.

    What else can you get for US$25 a year - 7 cents a day?

    I may be wrong about this, but it seems to me that most of the complaints about the 'inadequacies' of PN seem to come from the people who won't pay.

    But then maybe I'm just being stupid. Maybe I just have too much money - but maybe I would have a lot less money if I hadn't learned so much from other PN members....
  17. I'm 34. It isn't certain if I earn 600 Euro/month, but the 21Euro for seem well spend. I'd have to pay about 15/month to watch TV legally and would ALWAYS prefer
  18. ...And, I guarantee, somebody will come up with a free site.
    The question is how many members from here would follow that new site. $25 is a small fee to pay for the opportunity to meet such wonderful people as one can find on PN.
    Just look at digitalweddingforum for $99 a year (and there are lot of members that actually insisted on the fee to be $250 !!! is bumping their price to $249/year next month.
    This site is definately worth $25/year.
  19. Hey, some mature 30 somethings! Obviously, I overstated my case.

    I promise to change my attitude. :)
  20. Hey, some mature 30 somethings! Obviously, I overstated my case. I promise to change my attitude. :)
    Hey Jim, what about us 20 somethings? ;-) We can be good too :)
  21. I donate my time to<br>
  22. Okay. I see I'm gonna have to make some serious philisophical changes.
  23. Thanks for reassessing Jim : ) The future may be in better hands than you think. On a seperate subject (I know this forum isn't the place for this, but I can't ignore it) the present is not a good place - with what has just happened in London, one doesn't know where one might find some hope for our times. May we find some peace in our times - soon I hope. Blessings.

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