[Filters] Which UV and Pol. filter for MF?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by slecoanet, May 15, 2004.

  1. Hi!

    As a newcomer to MF I think I should take care about UV (intended as
    protection layer) and polarizing filter's quality.

    I wouldn't like to ruin the lens' performance with poor quality
    filters.I use a Mamiya7 so I thought about linear polarizing since
    they seem cheaper.

    It seems Heliopan is among the best but they are not easy to find in
    shops (i'd like to see the filters before buying it)

    What about BW? Are they much better than Hoya or Tiffen?

    In other words, is the extra money worth it?

    I'm interested in your feedback (I'm interested in landscape shooting
    with Mamiya 65mm for M7)

    Thanks in advance for your answers

  2. Hello Stephane. I use both Heliopan and B+W filters for black and white photography. Be
    prepared because mf filters of high quality are not cheap. Many swear by the B+W mrc
    (multi resistant coating) filters. I wanted protection for my Zeiss glass and was willing to
    pay for the B+W mrc filters. Heliopan and B+W are German and I beleive both are
    constructed from Schott glass. Very good quality. Google for the "filter connection". This
    site is informative and they carry several manufacturers.
  3. Heliopan and B+W are the best. Multicoating is worth it, in my opinion, for filters you will use frequently. Heliopan rings are better than B+W, and if you like to stack filters with caps for storage, you're better off with Heliopan, because the filter type is engraved on the side of the ring in the normal way. B+W puts the filter type on the retaining ring, though, so those are easily visible if you prefer a filter wallet, though it's usually pretty obvious what the filter is in a filter wallet, since you can see the filter.

    Both are made to high standards, and mail order houses that are serious enough to carry them will accept returns if they are defective.
  4. When I first started serious filter shopping I ran across B+W and wasn't familiar with them either. Then I noticed that B+W filters are made by Schneider - Kreuznach, which I was VERY familiar with. Enough said... they're EXCELLENT filters, heads above Hoya/Tiffen/Promaster/yadda-yadda.

    I do like my Heliopan filters as well, but you'll be pleased with B+W also.
  5. david_henderson

    david_henderson www.photography001.com

    I echo others' positive responses about B+W, and have two of
    their polarisers. Heliopan, though optically very good have
    proved to offer poor build quality - glass coming apart from rings;
    rings binding etc and certainly here in the UK they seem to take
    an age to get if what you want isn't in stock.

    All that said the best polariser I have is a Hoya Super Pro 1- a
    slim polariser with front thread . To be fair it isn't a cheap filter
    and may cost about as much as a B+W multicoated anyway. I've
    run tests of this looking at the colour rendition of clear blue sky
    vs B+W polarisers and find the Hoya to give a more vibrant and
    naturally coloured image.

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