Filters for Nikon 16-35 f/4

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  1. My Nikon 16-35 f/4 is on the way, and I was planning to get some filters for it. Before I go on Amazon and order some filters blindly, I thought I'd check to see if there are any particular type & brand of filters that work well with this lens. I need a UV, polarizing, and some ND filters, so suggestions appreciated!
  2. I recommend thin-mount filters from any of the major brands (b+w, heliopan, hoya, nikon...).
    Thin-mount filters are a must with such a wide-angle lens especially if you are thinking about stacking the polarizer on top of the UV and want to avoid vignetting.
  3. I have to disagree with George... I don`t see the point of stacking a polarizer over an UV. IMHO, it is pretty senseless... (unless you were just looking for image degradation!:)
    Also, thin filters ("slim" ones in the B+W line) are not needed even for the vast majority of ultra wide angle lenses. Please check that the "thin" filters you could buy have a front filter thread; it is still useful to attach an ordinary cap. Caps from non-threaded ones are pretty useless.
  4. Personally, if you like to spend, with an UV for protection, a polarizer and a 4X/8X you`ll be served. To be sincere, I only use the UV (and not permanently -only when it`s needed-); I have used the polarizer and the neutral grads maybe one time or never.
    I`d advice you to spend on more useful items (tripod, cable release, flash head, software, etc.)
  5. I have the same lens and have been on the hunt for a variable density ND filter. Singh-Ray and the Big Stopper from Lee have gotten high marks but so are the prices. Cokin just released the PURE Harmonie Variable Density Neutral Gray filter. The specs look like what I need and so I ordered it from B&H.
    Here's a link to the website.
    I'll report back my findings after I have had a chance to play with it. Good luck on your search.
  6. Would this be good for the 16-35:
  7. From Amazon`s description:
    "This filter uses our Slim-Line mount made of brass for wide angle lenses. They do not have a front accessory thread to avoid vignetting with lenses as wide as 17mm in 35mm format. Some photographers report success with lenses as wide as 16mm. A slip on cap is supplied.

    This filter amazingly has a height of only 3mm."
    Please read my post above about this topic. If you like to ignore my comments, the answer is yes, this filter will work. The filter thread size is the right one.
  8. Thanks @Jose, which filter would you recommend, assuming I want a filter?
  9. I use this one: I have tested it, and works quite good, usually called in F-Pro mount (thick). Mine is the old, even thicker version.
    There are thinner ones (also with thinner glass), still with front thread, like this one. It also enjoy exotic coatings, obviously according with the price (I wonder if it makes any benefit).
    Some Hoya brand ones have higher scores at lenstip tests (worth a read); Pro-1, HMC Super, and I cannot find the supposedly best (and cheapest!) one in 77mm, the plain HMC UV (here in 72mm).
  10. Thanks! I ended up getting the thin B+W one you linked...

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