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Discussion in 'Minox' started by jeffpolaski, Mar 22, 1999.

  1. I have a Minox ML35. I'm getting back to black and white photography, and would like to use B&W in the Minox ML as well as my full frame 35 SLR.


    I'm looking for filters. Minox sells a slip-on hood, a neutral density, and a skylight. I'm interested in yellow, orange, red, green for B&W effects.


    Am I fooling myself?


    -- Jeff
  2. In addition to a skylight, a ND filter there is a close up lens for
    Minox 35 series camera.
    A good source for color filters for B&W is to look for
    some 32mm slip on filters from oldy and goody camera manufacturers ( Zeiss Ikon, Voigtlander etc )

    <p><img src="">
    Hoya makes 40.5 mm filters. These fits exactly inside the rubber
    sunshade on the Minox lenshood or ND/Skylight filters.
    Hoya makes yellow, orange, red, green and yellow-green filters for
    B&W photography.
  4. In late 70s, Minox made thirty types of different clip on
    filters for Minox 35 camera, ranging from yellow, red, dark red
    to orange, purple, green and soft focus filter.
    <p> However, because the massive shift of consumer from BW
    photography to color photography, the demand for BW filter for
    compact camera nose dived, and all BW filters for Minox were
    <p> If you look for BW filter for Minox 35, search for
    used markets or eBay.
    <p> These days, no body makes any filter for compact camera
    even top of the line compact.
    <p> My Contax T2 does not even have a UV filter
    <p> Minox GT-E has a built in filter, this is a great luxury
    in compact camera, and it is one of the selling point of GT-E.
  5. Here is a place which sells compact camera holder for Cokin filter
    Cokin filter

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