filters for fuji gx617 90mm

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  1. I recently purchased a used fuji gx617 system with all four lenses. 77mm filters stacked seems to work
    fine on the 180/300 lenses but I'm wondering if someone has found a workable solution to use more than
    just the center filter on the 90mm lens. I'm looking to use solid and graduated ND's for the most part. Is
    stepping up to say 82 or 95mm filters an option? or some type of square filter system? any help would be
    great. I'm in a hurry to put something together before I leave for a trip next week. Thanks for any help.

    Joe Farris
  2. Which bank did you rob?
  3. I have used that camera before. Its a great buy. Must have cost you a pretty penny.

    Anyways, I used the center filter and then had a lee filter system on top of that for the gradient filter. Its a bit tricky. What you need to do is only buy the screw-on-ring (the metal part that screws onto the lens) and don't buy the filter holder. IT WON'T FIT! You then can take your ND gradient and stick it over the screw-on-ring with putty or some kind of sticky adhesive. (The only thing keeping the filter to the ring is this putty) In England they call it Blu-Tac. It sounds pretty cheap, but it actually works great.

    One problem is that shifting the filter in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction for different angles might be hard cause of the safety bars. If you call up Lee Filters they can make custom ND gradient filters for that camera which are thinner and can be rotated more. If you can afford the camera you can afford to have Lee make you custom filters.

    If you have trouble understanding my instructions let me know and I will take a photograph of what it should look like.
  4. I attach my nd filters to the lens with duct tape. Works well.
  5. Jonahan, Darcy -- I use the Lee 125mm filters on my 8x10. Would these work on the GXs?

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