FILTER SUGGESTIONS for a Hasselblad Zeiss CF T* FLE F4 40mm lens?

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  1. ...could you try taping a thin gel filter over the rear element??
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  2. Hi Neil, this sounds like a great idea. I haven't tried it, but this is what I wrote earlier on within this thread:

    >>> Another interesting suggestion I got from friendly eBay seller HASSYWEST:
    Another option is to cut a gelatin(kodak wratten)filter and tape it over the rear element. That's an old school studio trick. <<<
  3.'ll have no trouble clearing the mirror with a gel. I made some rear mounted filters for a Mamiya RB fisheye (the only one i had was UV). These were from optical glass - removed from their filter mounts and then refitted to a stepping ring. (I couldn't get the filter in the correct size for the rear element)You might try making a circular card mount for a gel that will fit tightly into your rear lens group shield. You just don't want tape coming off and getting into shutter or mirror.
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  4. That's an intriguing suggestion, but my quest was limited in scope: I wanted to protect the front glass (UV) and fit - occasionally - a red filter. I was able to do so within a reasonable budget, but the "shade" allows you to use only one filter at a time. It's a bit cumbersome, but it works.
  5. My problem is I can't get the front of the "shade" ring to unscrew. I bought a 93mm adapter ring for my Pro Shade so I could use it on the 40 but can't split the shade assembly so I can screw it on. I've tried a large set of filter wrenches with no luck. Have heated up the ring in hot water, too. Any suggestions?
  6. William Michael

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    Not sure that using hot water on it was the best idea: if you want to try that again use a small hand held hairdryer on medium heat.

    In any case the best product I have found to assist loosening rings and filters is "3 in 1 Lock Lubricant" (see link at bottom).

    The same product might be marketed elsewhere under different packaging; it is marketed here in AUS as a subsidiary of the WD-40 company.

    Here are the details (product top right of page) LINK

  7. Bless you. I'll give it a try.
  8. Before resorting to a liquid lubricant, try putting the lens, face-down, on a piece of the sticky mesh grid used for stabilizing small objects while sanding. You can get it at any hardware store. That holds the large filter ring without distorting it while you apply downward pressure and turn the lens. A piece of rubber gasket materialmight work too, found in any automotive store.
  9. The entire shade ring unscrews in the same direction as the front ring. Trying to unscrew the front ring with it mounted on the lens just unscrews the entire assembly from the lens. I'll test the lubricant on a small section to make certain it doesn't harm the finish before going full tilt.
  10. With regard to the original post for this thread, the ProShade 6093 is a good way of using filters on this lens, assuming I get the shade ring to split. You can use 100mm sq. gel or acetate filters with it. I bought a set of Lee's B&W contrast filters to use with it. There are a good number of shades for sale out there. The trick is finding the 93mm adapter ring for it. Prior to this, I simply attached gel filters to the front of the lens with three tiny pieces of tape.
  11. Doh! I see that was already suggested. I'll simply report back later on the success or failure of the lubricant.
  12. Those 93mm drop-in filters are the same as used on the 500mm CF lens. And yes, it's not easy to get the lens shade to unscrew. I had a very difficult time with my mine.I think the problem is the rather fine threads and the ease of distorting the hood when unscrewing. But one day the hood miraculously came apart easily without any drastic help. Suggest a slight amount of lubricant on the threads?
  13. Well, I tried the 3-in-1 lock lubricant but the shade ring still won't come apart. I even heated the ring up with a hair dryer to see if I could get it to wick up into the threads. Tomorrow I'm gong to try some transmission oil. That's worked well in the past for me on frozen bolts. I've examined the shade ring closely and there's no visible distortion, dings, or cross threading. The lens came from a friend who took meticulous care of it. But I doubt he ever took the ring apart during the years he owned it. He shot mostly color film with it so all he ever did was remove the entire shade ring so he could screw on the polarizing filter.
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    Advise to let it sit, 24/48hours and let the lubricant do its job working into the thread, turn it over a few times.

  15. Will do, although patience is not my strong suit.
  16. Ta da! I finally got it apart! Thank you very much for your assistance.
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    Well done.

    My Mum (who learnt from her Mum) often taught us with ditties. This lighthearted one seems appropriate to share.

    Patience is a virtue,
    Have it if you can.
    Found sometimes in a woman,
    And never in a man!

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  18. The original Hasselblad Series 93 filters are difficult to locate and are expensive. I use a Heliopan #111 step-up ring on the 40mm CF T* and B+W F-Pro 95mm filters. The only downside is the original front lens cap will fit loosely.

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