FILTER SUGGESTIONS for a Hasselblad Zeiss CF T* FLE F4 40mm lens?

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  1. Hello, I have purchased a used 40mm CF lens (in the mail). So far, I've discovered that the outer ring marked 93/40 (40693) is called a lens "shade" and that it can be split in two sections (I wouldn't have guessed). Apparently it is used only with "drop in" filters. (Good luck with finding 93mm unthreaded filters!) I'd like to use a dark red filter - and possibly a UV for protection. A suggestion I found (referenced by carlo_d) would be to use a 93mm to 95mm step up adapter ring, allowing to use (relatively) more common 95mm threaded filters. I'm having a hard time finding one... and 95mm filters are pricey. I'd love to read your recommendations. Thanks in advance. Chris (Republic of Panama).
  2. Stupid question: what if I simply get rid of the (apparently) useless 40693 lens shade, and simply replace it with a 86-95mm step up adapter ring (assuming the thread on the lens is 86mm once you remove the "shade"?
  3. I really wish I could count with your help. I keep searching but I seem to have hit a dead end. There's a seller referred by Amazon who offers a Bokkeh 93-95mm filter adapter for Hasselblad B93 lens. I almost bought it, until I read the disclaimer: **NOT Suitable for 40mm, because of Vignette** I'm stumped... all I really want to do is to fit a red filter (occasionally) on my 40mm. HELP!
  4. Hmmm... I see you guys are very busy, or not as knowledgeable as I initially thought. Can anyone tell me if I could use TWO filters at the same time on the 93/40 (40693) lens shade? I would like to use a Hasselblad 93 drop in UV filter permanently, AND add a threaded B+H 93mm red filter. Thanks in advance!
  5. A 93 mm filter is going to be very expensive. I always assumed you screw in a 93 mm filter inside the front ring. The extension (sunshade) unscrews, but I never though a filter might fit under it.

    A relatively inexpensive solution would be a 100 mm square resin filter with a short, 93 mm holder and (possibly) a short hood. I have a Hasselblad Compendium hood, with a 93 mm adapter for use with a CF40. The hood accepts square gelatin filters with a built-in frame. The hood itself is then set to 40 mm (almost flat), or 60 mm for use with a CFV16 digital back.

    I don't use protective filters with Hasselblad lenses. I prefer to avoid crowds, sandy beaches, licking dogs and children who explore with their sticky fingers. The hood is deep enough to give adequate protection.
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  6. Thank you Ed! I get your point... although I'm using UV filters on my three other CF lenses (grandkids!). My 40mm CF is still in the mail and until I get it I won't understand how its accompanying 93/40 (40693) lens "shade" works. At this stage in my research, I would assume that I could purchase a red (51403) drop-in filter and that I could insert it inside the shade. However it seems that some or those filters are drop-in while some are threaded, so I'm still confused
  7. No, we are pretty stupid here. Insulting the group is not the best way to get answers. There are not that many people with the CF40mm, and they may not check the forums every day (or much at all).

    The Hasselblad series 93 filters are based on the "Series Filters" from the 1930's (ie: series VII and the like) which allowed you to drop a piece of glass into a holder The 93/40 (40693) probably splits into 2 pieces to hold the piece of glass (or series 93 filter).

    I do not own the CF40, so I'm not sure how that lens is set up. The C50 come with a single retainer ring, and you drop the series 63 filter directly in the lens, and thread the retainer ring on to hold it in place. The F50 comes with a split filter holder that threads onto 86mm threads, and holds the Series 93 filters.

    You can only install one series filter at a time. There is no reason you can't build a retainer ring that would hold 2 filters, but I don not know of any. If you use gels, you can put several in there. However, I do not think you can install 2 glass filters (of any type) on the CF40 without vignetting.

    The thread on the Series 93 filter retaining ring is 95mm~96mm. (just like the thread on the series 63 filter retainer is 67mm, but it's also a different pitch from the standard used on camera filters). However, to use threaded filters, it's the thread on the front of the lens that is important, and if it comes with a 2-piece series 93 filter holder, it may be different. You will need someone that owns that lens to tell you. Cheap 95mm UV filters are available on that auction site, so it's pretty easy to test.
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  8. The removable sunshade is threaded internally to accept a 93 mm filter. You do not have to remove it to attach the compendium shade adapter, nor presumably a threaded filter..

    There is a groove in the sunshade which suggests the outermost ring can be removed. If so, it is thoroughly stuck together on my lens. I suspect the groove is decorative.

    The objective protrudes when the sunshade is removed, protected only by four lugs machined into the retaining ring. This of course obviates the ability to use a drop-in filter at this position.
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  9. Point taken. Please forgive this brief moment of impatience. I regretted this remark as soon as I posted it but couldn't find a way to edit it. While photography has long been my passion, I am new to medium format and, obviously to this impressive should have occurred to me that there are comparatively few CF40mm owners.
  10. Thank you again Ed, I suspect I'll get a better understanding when I finally receive the lens and the intriguing "shade" (There is no postal service in my country of residence, so I need to be patient). I have been exploring a few avenues and I'll post the final results. Your kind assistance is well appreciated.

    Please notice the wide portion at the objective end of the lens. The bulging portion unscrews from the mostly cylindrical part of the lens. It is deeply recessed, and seems to serve as a lens shade as well as protection for the front element of the lens.

    The thin ring at the top of the conical section seems to be removable. There is a groove which may be a joint, or simply a decorative feature. At any rate, it won't come off on my version. In this illustration, they do seem to separate.
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  12. Thank you again Ed, that's an interesting photo - showing a petal-like structure I hadn't seen previously. I read that most people were not aware the shade could be disassembled and many were unable to do so. I hope I manage to do it and will keep you posted.
  13. I thought it was more a "lost in translation" language thing, you'll have to forgive my sarcastic humor (which does not translate well online).

    I dug out my O93/50 lens shade (which I don't use, I use standard 86mm filters and a metal shade), took me a while to remember where I stashed it.

    On the right is the 2-piece O93/50 with a Hasselblad series 93 UV filter in-between, on the left is a Helioplan orange filter and the lens cap that goes over the lens shade. The internal thread on the 2-piece shade is ~95mm (I think it's 96mm, because my lens hood from an old Enna lens is loose in it, but that might be an odd 94mm thread). The unthreaded filter fits inside. The back side of the O93/50 has a 86mm thread to fit the F50mm lens.

    Addendum: I read somewhere that the O93/40 is the same as the O93/50, and the rear filter thread is 86mm, which means the thread on the CF40 is 86mm (pitch may be different). However, you cannot put a 86mm filter on it because the built in petal shade extends beyond the thread. You can however use a 86mm-95mm adapter, which puts the 95mm filters outside the built in petal shade. There is a good picture at that shows this.
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  15. The long wait is over and I've finally received my 40mm Distagon... A superb piece, in pristine condition. The top glass is rather large and exposed, so I've ordered a "haze" (UV) filter for protection. Now I'm holding the lens in my hands, I understand what is referred to as "petals". The 93/40 "shade" opened easily. I have actually ordered two "drop-in" filters (UV 51411) & (RED 51403). I love the Richard Nordin Compendium, which is an indispensable source! With eBay, it's always a gamble, but I tried to hedge my bets as well as possible. I bought the (allegedly near mint) UV at the sweet price of $90 (free shipping) and the red one at $143 (including shipping) I could easily have paid double that... there's a few available from England over $235 and one of them is attractively described as "very badly scratched". Since my lens was already provided with the shade (which is expensive) I "only" spent $233 on filters... (hey, those filters are huge!). I didn't want to go over $300. Other alternative I explored was from LEE filters. After discussing the possibility of vignetting, this is what John Adler wrote:
    "I have to apologize. It's been a long time since I've answered a question about this lens, and I remembered incorrectly. The ring I recommended will vignette.
    You can get an 86mm ring, which vignettes just a little:
    LEE Filters86mm Adapter Ring for Foundation Kit
    To use this you unscrew the outer ring.
    Another option is to use a special filter holder we make:
    LEE Filters100mm Push-On Filter Holder
    You'll get no vignetting with this holder. It doesn't attach with an adapter ring. Instead, it has a built-in collar that tightens down around the front filter holder on your lens".

    Another interesting suggestion I got from friendly eBay seller HASSYWEST:
    Another option is to cut a gelatin(kodak wratten)filter and tape it over the rear element. That's an old school studio trick.

    Thank you again, Tom and Ed. Here are some quick photos of my lens:

    Distagon 40mm with shade.jpg Distagon 40mm with opened shade.jpg
  16. Well, I've reached the end of my quest. Luckily the 40mm I bought already came equipped with the curiously named 93/40 (40693) "shade" (must be Swedish humor), so I didn't have to purchase one. Thanks to this forum, I discovered that it's made of two parts, which is not immediately obvious. And now I've gotten my two filters (UV and Red) I understand why they are expensive (they are really large!) and how they actually "drop" in between the two slim rings which is not fantastically practical but works. I observe those filters are not threaded. I can only use one filter at a time, of course. You can easily purchase one red filter for about $200 if you don't mind about the description ("very badly scratched") but that's what I ended up paying for my two filters (from two sellers in Japan: one excellent while the other (red one) never bothered to reply to my inquiries. His description was rather fanciful: Hasselblad Ø 93/40 Lens Filter Holder Ring w. red Filter BandW 090 5 x MC | eBay
    As I correctly guessed, he was actually selling the drop in red filter I wanted (in mint condition, as well as the UV) plus one half of the "shade". I did a lot of exploring on eBay and had a hard time getting the sellers to explain if their filters were threaded or not. (I understand the "shade" would have accepted 93 mm threaded filters). OK, so it's a happy ending. Thanks for your help.
  17. The top rings DO separate! Surprise, surprise.

    Congratulations on your acquisition. Happy shooting.

    The FLE ring has less effect if you shoot close with the far setting than vice versa. Some people tape it in place. In either case, only the edges are affected.
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  18. Is this not a Series VIII size? I'm pretty sure that's what I have my kit to use with my 50mm Distagon.

    Mine also came with a Kodak-branded Series VIII hood which is probably older than the earliest V system cameras, but works fine. To use it, one unscrews the chrome retainer ring normally on the lens and screws the filter into place. A Series VIII filter can be sandwiched in-between. I also once bought a Rolleiflex with a Bay 1 to Series V(I think) adapter ring, and a Kodak Series V hood(which amazingly enough doesn't block the taking lens). It was a welcome find that I still have around here despite the camera it came on being long gone-series filters are less convenient that conventional screw-ins or bayonets, but are also useless to 99% of photographers and consequently are cheap(plus you avoid the Rolleiflex Bay 1 mark-up, which admittedly isn't as bad as the Bay 3 premium).

    I've occasionally found Series VIII filters mixed into the 67mm drawer at my local camera shop. This particular shop only sells used, and most filters(things like the couple of Nippon Kogakua 52mm filters in their original leather cases I bought the other day excepted) get tossed into a repurposed card catalog file. They'll often give me the Series VIIIs when I find them since I'm probably their only customer with any use for them(not that they charge a lot for common non-name-brand filters in common sizes anyway-I've walked out with a decent sized stack of 52mms or even 72mms for a token amount before if that was all I was buying, or no additional charge if I was buying something else).
  19. Unfortunately no, the Series VIII is around 64mm, with a thread that is almost the same as a 67mm filter. This uses a Series-93 filter, specific to Zeiss. It's somewhere between a Series IX and a Series X filter.

    The old 50mm Distagon C lenses used a Series VIII, and you could sometimes use a 67mm filter instead.[/QUOTE]
  20. Ha, ha... I've got to admit that I wouldn't have guessed the "shade" could be disassembled! Thanks again!

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