filter attachment to LF lens

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by michael_krause, Sep 10, 2001.

  1. Can a filter system such as Cokin be used on the various LF lenses?
  2. I use the "P" system with my 75mm F:8 Super Angulon. The 49mm adapter
    screws on the front onto which slides the filter holder; a single
    modular hood (P255) does not vignette and I use a color correcting
    filter P020 (80A) to shoot daylight film in tungsten light. Results
    have been excellent.
  3. Since you asked about systems "such as Cokin" I'll note that many
    users here have had good experience with Hitech and Lee (which I
    highly recommend). Whichever holder you get, you may want to see that
    it can use standard 4x4 and 4x6 (for grads) filters, and be sure the
    largest filter size you're likely to have has a corresponding adaptor
    ring available with the particular filter system.


  4. In that last sentence above I meant "whichever lens filter size"--82,
    86, 95, etc.--not the size of the square filters you want to use.


  5. Yes, as long as you have filter threads on your lens (if you don't you
    can get adapters too) but I do agree with John above about other
    filters than Cokin. Cokin's are made of resins and aren't really color
    true. I would spend the money on the Lee's or the Hi's for better
    images. Just my opinion.

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