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Discussion in 'Video' started by iversonwhite, Aug 1, 2015.

  1. I bought the WonderPana Filter system to use with my Nikkor 14-24mm for video. The system consists of 145mm round filters and 168mm rectangular/square filters. There are two slots for mounting two 4mm rectangular filters at a time. You can also mount one round and one rectangular filter at a time. As you know at 24fps the shutter speed is always 1/50 of a second. In order to shoot with a narrow depth of field I need low ISO and ND filters in bright daylight.
    Here’s the question, as I can’t stack the ultra slim 145mm ND filters(no front threads), should I buy separate two, three, four, and five stop 145mm filters to deal precisely with varying light levels, or would it be better to use square .3, .6., .9 and 1.2 ND that can be stacked? I already have one 4 stop 145mm ND. Thanks in advance.
  2. Frankly, and I'm going back to days of *film* I'd only install one filter (whenever possible), since you will degrade the image. Having access to an entire array of filters is not the same as you having to fork out cash for various possibilities.
    There are couple of things that you could do. One is to figure out what F-stop you intend to shoot....with 14-24 just about everything will be in focus no matter what....or at least appear as such. Anyway, if you decide to shoot at F4 or 2.8, you need to figure out what ND would work best with sunny conditions (1 filter) or cloudy (2nd filter).....and go on from there.
    The other thing you could do is use some smaller primes or a different zoom that accommodates (smaller filters).
    Just some ideas off my head...hope this helps.
  3. Thanks Les. I'm inclined to agree that single filters are probably better. While the 145mm filters are large they're really not that expensive. About $110.00 each on sale. I agree that the 14-24 will have wider depth of field than longer, and/or faster lenses, but the zoom is more versatile and total depth is only two feet at 24mm, at 2.8, focused at five feet. It's also the best wide angle lens I have right now. A smaller lens would cost more than a couple of filters.
    Some days it's so bright outside that I can only open up to 5.6 with my four stop ND at ISO 64.
    Thanks again for the discussion. It helps.
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