Filter Adapter for Kodak Ektar 127mm f/4.7 lens

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by aaron_muderick, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. I would like to be able to mount standard threaded filters onto the Kodak Ektar
    127mm f/4.7 lens I have mounted on my 4x5 Speed Graphic. I don't want to glue
    anything in place, I just want the correct adapter.

    I purchased a Series VI adapter ring which I thought would fit but it seems a
    few millimeters too small.

  2. Have you bent in those tabs a little bit to tighten it? Sometimes that's all that's needed.

    I just made a universal filter holder with three thumbscrews for my large format lenses. It doesn't fit all of my lenses yet, but will after I trim it down a bit.
  3. The series VI filter adapters were made in many lens sizes. You need a 1.5 inch / 38mm Series VI adaptor for the 127mm Ektar. The tabs can be moved in or out to give a +/- .5mm diamater change.
  4. I recommend you find a right-sized adapter. I couldn't fit a Series VI slip-on adapter that's 0.5mm smaller than the barrel diameter. A simple caliper is rather inexpensive and a useful tool to figure out what the correct size is (and for other purposes). If it's 38mm, the adjacent Series VI sizes are 37mm and 39.5mm, AFAIK.

    There are two issues with using standard filters with Series adapters: 1) the pitch of Series-adapter (retaining ring) threads is not standard 0.75, so in theory modern filters do not screw in properly, and 2) the diameter of Series VI is 44mm, which is an odd size (try to find 44mm screw-in filters).

    I managed to locate 44-49mm and 44-52mm step-up rings online which screw into the Series VI adapter securely. Perhaps the low tolerance of the inexpensive rings works in favor. So I can use screw-in filters with Series VI adapters. I can't find the link to the source now but will look if someone asks.

    Also B&H carries a 44-55mm step-up ring, and Cokin has a 44mm adapter ring for Series A. I'm not sure if they work with Series adapters, though.
  5. SK Grimes can make a custom Slip-On Adapter for you but they cost $75 for a small and $95 for a medium. You can find the info here
    I was thinking about having them make a Slip-On for my 203mm Ektar but I found the correct Series VI adapter. By the time I got the adapter, hood and finish getting all the filters I'll probably have spent $75!!!
  6. The adapter that I have on mine says that it is ' 1 1/2" 38mm '. Also, I find that the old series filters work just fine. I also have a Series VI step up ring that allow the use of modern filters, but since I don't use filters often I can't say much more than that I can't tell the different in the print stage between the series filters and the modern filters.

    - Randy
  7. Yes, my lens measures 38mm on the outside so it appears the 1 1/2" 38mm adapter is what I need. Thanks for your help. I'll try to track one down.
  8. Aaron, others,<br>FWIW, I measured my Ektar 127 prior to posting the first time. <br>Search the auction site as they come up there occasionally. I have a 203 Ektar that I needed an adapter for and have several sizes that are too large and reforming the tabs would not get anything close. The 203 is 33mm and my closest adapter is 37mm. I cut strips of 2mm thick leather and glued them to the inside of the adaptor tabs and it now slips on firmly enough to hold securely. I have heard of others using mount board and/or poster board to make spacers for larger slip on adapters to fit on smaller lens when the correct size could not be found. I'm betting the 1 1/2 adapter rings are in use and not laying around for sale.<br>I may be off on the amount of variance that can be gained by reforming the tabs that I previously stated.<br>Charles

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