Filter adapter for an Iskra

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by paulh, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. Hi,

    Looking for filters for my Iskra (33mm x 0.5 size)has shown that they
    can be fairly difficult to come by.

    So, I explored the idea of getting a step-up adapater made to a more
    common size. I have found a place in the UK that will make me a one-
    off, but the price drops quite a bit for 5 or more.

    If anyone here is interested, please reply to this thread, and I'll
    see how best to organise this further. Please also suggest a size to
    step up to; I was thinking of something very common, but still small
    enough, like 37mm.

  2. Hello Paul,
    please read the information in best stuff russian cameras user from ISKRA filters and a distributor from California.

  3. Paul - I just got an Iskra, but haven't looked into filtration yet. I once thought that living in Japan would give me a fair chance of finding any filter, but my Olympus 43.5mm filter quest has disabused me of that. So, yes, I'd be interested if the price was right. A step up ring would also allow a hood to be used. As to what to step up to, 37mm would seem like the best option, looking at what Kenko offer for example. One thing I've noticed is that digital cameras have some whacky small filter sizes - none of those work?
  4. My Iskra has not yet returned from Oleg (maybe sometime this month). In any case, a quick search of BestStuff Russian User forum had a reply from Marc James Small that said 33x.5 thread adapters can be ordered from Harrison and Harrison.

    Have you tried contacting them? This appears to be their info:

    Harrison and Harrison

    1835 Thunderbolt Drive, Unit E

    Porterville, CA 93257

  5. Thanks for the links. I'll check out the company mentioned. I had browsed through the beststuff russian and antique camera forums, but not seen that post, only ones from people looking for a solution.

    An adapter ring from the company in the UK would be GBP17.50 for a quantity of 5 or more, or about double for a one-off. Even as a one off, it'd make sense as the resulting filters would be much cheaper to buy, and lens hoods etc. could be easily fitted. I have the proper screw in lens hood, but that vignettes a bit so I don't use it. Not that it suffers from flare anyway...

    I'll update the thread or add a new one when I get more info. So far I have three takers for a step-up ring.
  6. Harrison & Harrison have said that they have nothing suitable, and suggested I get a custom adapter made. :-( I've searched and searched, and can't find any Series 5 adapters either. Ah well...!
  7. Hello Paul..
    Came across your thread while searching for a 33mm filter myself for my Moskva2.. ..proverbial 'Rocking know what!' are talking 33mm screw in yes?..?17.50 for 5 adapters to 37mm..that right yes?
    sounds interesting!

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