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  1. I am in dire need of a film slitter. Does anyone have one for sale? Know where I can get one? The only thing I can find on the net is Goat Hill's "Al Spoil" slitter. Any source for the ZipSLit? Julian's Russian roller slitter? An ACMEL slitter?
    - Børre
  3. Been using the Al Spoil slitter for Minox film, 16mm and 127 film for years and swear by it.
  4. Same here, bought my al spoil slitter off ebay and have cut all kinds of film with
    it. Would recommend it.
  5. To my knowledge,the best (and quite affordable) slitter from 35mm to 9.2mm was manufactured and sold by John Birkby from the UK (obviously not counting the factory-produced Minox Acmel machine).I used to buy from him my Minox film slitter until a couple of years ago,when he apparently stopped manufacturing and selling the slitter.A recent search for his current website or contact details gave nil results.

    However,a good replacement is this here,manufactured and sold by a guy from the US,ebay username "xkaes":

    I have bought two from this individual,so far results are very good.From using the slitter,I can tell this:

    • -price is less than the Birkby slitter
    • -blades can be replaced by user (whereas the Birkby slitter had the blades cemented into the body)
    • -blades are inexpensive and easily obtainable
    • -cut is smooth and the film bed is from a non scratchy material
    • -last but not least,xkaes sells not only a 35 to 9.2mm slitter,but also a 35 to 16mm and 120 to 9,2 and 16mm.So,plenty of opportunities to employ slitter to deal with MF film as well as providing a film source for 16 mm users,such as I.

    There are also some different 9.2mm film slitters which appear every now and then.An example can be viewed in the photo attached.I have bought this as part of a Minox lot from e&ay.It doesn't have any markings and I suspect it was part of a larger machine.The coating and materials used scream late 60's - early 70's,but no other details.Every now and then Russian 9.2 and 16mm show up for sale,and they are manufactured on the same principle as the one in the photograph here.

    Hope you manage to find one on your liking and use it fully to the benefit of your Minox cameras:))
    Best regards
  6. Al Doyle's 9.2mm slitter
  7. Thanks to all. That just about confirms my own research on the net. I was hoping that maybe Julian had discovered where his "Unknown Brand" slitter comes from, and that there might be a hoard of them somewhere. :)
    - Børre
  8. I've ordered an Al Spoiler.
  9. I love the Ray Pepalis flatbed slitter. Here's the guide;
  11. Now a collector item
    [​IMG]Minox film slitter, made by Acmel Japan
  12. [​IMG]
    Jimmy Li roller cutter for two strips of 9.2mm film
    Still available from
  13. I understand the Jimmy Li film slitter is really good. Don't know the price, but I'm sure it's not cheap. I recently bought some Minox Film Wallets from jimmy Li, They are great, and he is great to deal with, and very prompt.
    I have the Goat Hill Joe McGloin slitter and it works fine. Haven't used it a lot, but haven't had to change the razor blades yet either. Joe is a pleasure to work with also.

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