Film revival?

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  1. 90% of the pictures I take with a digital camera are documentary in purpose.
    Work, something needed for future reference, researching something work or hobby related.
    Point, shoot, file.
    Little if any thought to composure or aesthetic at all.
    Sometimes I shoot digital with a small camera to have easily accessible backups to film if on a special outing or such, or to transmit digitally to family or friends.
    Usually the wife takes over with the digital while I soot some old Pentax.
    Whenever I am in a “Photography Mood” it is exclusively Film for me.
    I use digital.
    I ENJOY using Film.

    Somehow I never got into the heavy artistic digital manipulation of “Phartography”........
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  2. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    I'm 67 years old, but I've been shooting film since I was 24.
  3. "Horrible when equipment pushes us around that way! :eek:"Fred

    There's a thought.

    "I'm 67 years old, but I've been shooting film since I was 24."Vince. still makes you cool is that.

    Gives me a warm feeling ..... and I mostly,not always, shoot digital.

    Got a Leica M2, Lucky me.
  4. Everything comes at a price I reckon. And if that was a price to take me back to film, so be it.
  5. 00F2D1A5-6732-4772-A75D-B011C55AB9F1.jpeg It is the cost and inconvenience that attracts me to film
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  6. Nikon USA still shows the FM-10 on their website.
  7. Yah, just discovered it yesterday night. Will have to watch it sometime.
  8. I also noticed the purple greenish hue in the dark tones in some of the scenes from the trailer, just like the 70s movies shot on film. I don't know if it sounds stupid, but when I read the storyline, the first thing that appeared in my mind is, why didn't they just send the rolls by mail.
  9. It felt like a weak excuse for a road trip, but there may be a genuine reason that is there in the whole movie which I haven't seen yet.
  10. See the movie Road Trip. Thats what I call a genuine reason ;)
    My opinion, they could just have mailed the rolls and looked for a better excuse to visit somewhere else,
  11. Kodachrome 1938 Bantam camera kodachrome 1938.jpg
  12. I watched "Kodachrome" last night. Predictable storyline, a bit slow but I liked some parts. Since they were using a real scenario, I quickly looked up to see if that was really "Dwayne" toward the end.

    I think "Camera Store" is still on Netflix. I liked that film overall; kind of fun to remember what mall stores like Ritz and Wolf Camera were like.

    Eric Sande
  13. BTW, the lady at the local lab talks all the time about how much junk she gets in the E-6 line. After she's run her control strip for the day, she generally bumps my E-6 to first in line because it's a nice double check for when she starts getting under or overexposed images on a lot of other cameras.

    Wonder if she says that to all her E6 customers. Just asking...
  14. I've seen some of the stuff hanging to dry...I don't think she's lying.
  15. I remember the first time I shot some reversal film it was a wakeup call on my sloppiness in exposure.
    At first I thought something had gone wrong with my camera.
  16. Another cool "film" movie is "Pecker" interesting take of when the spirit of street photography butts up against the New York art scene. Really funny and insightful. Didn't see it on Netflix but I'm sure its out there somewhere.

  17. I hated "Pecker." Vulgar and stupid. But that's just me.

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