Film Processing (Agitation, Procedures)

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by jerry_anaya, Sep 21, 1997.

  1. When the film is loaded onto your canister and you are ready to place the T- Max developer....after you place the developer in the canister should one agitate it very slowly or does it really matter if one agitates it in a normal pace and then sets down????? Will this produce more grain????Or will it have no effect on the film???? What are some of the things that I can do to reduce grain on my prints while processing the film??????????
  2. If anything, with TMax, make sure you agitate well. It was developed & is used a lot with rotary processing which uses constant agitation. To keep grain down use diluted developers & shoot for good contrast with them. With TMax, above all, be consistent. Grain with the 100 isn't really much of a problem no matter what you do unless you are worrying more about grain than image content. work with your images so content is paramount & the grain problem(real or perceived) will start to diminish in importance.

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