Film photography still not dead then.

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by tony_castle|1, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. I have not posted for a while as I have been playing with digital.
    I am pleased to see you are still posting and helping others.
    I hope to pick up my wista cherry wood within the next week or so sadly it's
    only 5X4 and you do not seem to have a forum for small format.
  2. Sorry to say this... but, are you sure u know what you are talking abt ? 5x4 (4x5) is considered large format.
  3. Maybe the confusion arises from the sub-cateogories of this LF forum. Tony placed his statement under the category "5x7: cameras and lenses", maybe because there isn't a "4x5: cameras and lenses" category. The concept of the categories is that 4x5 is so common that it goes under generic categories, such as "Cameras", "Cameras: brand-independent", or "Lenses".

    (As moderator I will probably change the category, since 5x7 isn't pertinant.)
  4. :);-) Tony! You are in the right place! You can ask this guys of everything!!!!
  5. Tony,

    5x4 is the smallest large format not small. Wait untill you load your first films and then develop them....

    If it is not big enough then something wrong with the "technical' side of things. Seen some of Ansel Adams prints taken with a hasselblad 6x6, just shows that our limit is not size (within limits) just the way we see things and control the process to reproduce them in the dark....or on a computer screen...whatever. The real "need" for LF in my opinion is the "flexibility" that it offers for framing, focus, out of focus....depth of field...

    Have fun and enjoy creating your views for others to share.

  6. Sorry for the confusion there, the small format comment was meant to be tongue in cheek as was pointed out there is not a 5X4 specific forum.
    I am not totally new to the world of large format and was once the proud owner of an MPP MK VII.
    I sold up (including my laborator L1200, Duhhh!) when I thought Ilford, Kodak, Fuji and the likes were going to pull the plug on emulsion coating.
    Got that wrong didn't I!
    Jumped head long into digital, Eos 20D, lenses, laptop etc and did have quite a lot of fun but found the overall process somewhat less than rewarding.
  7. Tony,

    You will find that your return to traditional processing will give you great satisfaction.

  8. 5x4" is not the smallest LF size - both 9x12cm and 6.5x9cm are smaller. I really like the aspect ratio of these metric film formats better than 4x5", but they are both getting more difficult to find (at least in colour slide).
  9. 3x4" is the lantern slide format. Its used/was used to project slides for fake backgrounds in movies, plays, or giant slide shows. In press cameras there are the few 5x7, alot of 4x5, some 3x4 and some 2x3 cameras. The mamyia C3 120 roll film TLR here has a sheet film adapter back, that uses either glass plates, or sheet films. The kit has three film holders, with slides one pulls out. 4x5 is not the smallest LF format, but probably has the best film selection for my usage.
  10. db1


    Of course film is not dead. Lots of people bailed and ran to the digital thing and have been finding out that it is not better and not much cheaper as it was originally sold. Actually some of the epson is not more expensive than silver fiber paper.

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