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  1. Thanks for posting this. Looks like some very good information on current film photographers.
  2. try out the Inside Analog Photography podcast as well...they're both good!
  3. I agree; they're both good, and very different.
  4. While I love the Inside Analog Photography podcasts, this film photography podcast you linked to, in my opinion, has two of the most annoying, and uninformed hosts I've heard in a while. Plenty of mistakes and misinformation.....and run like a radio program hosted by a few 14 year olds who think they are funny....but aren't.
    I'll stick with Scott at Inside Analog!
  5. Dave,
    Sadly, we're not going to be everyone's "cup of tea." Please understand that our hearts are in the right place and that our goal is to encourage and stimulate folks to shoot film. With light-hearted discussion, interviews with fellow photogs (that are listeners), free film and vintage camera giveaways, we keep it fun yet always remain respectful to our
    Yes, we have and do make some errors and we're the first to admit them.
    Michael Raso - producer, Film Photography Podcast
  6. August 1 podcast is up.
  7. Bit harsh Dave...
    These guys are incredibly enthusiastic about what they do, and have a real passion for shooting film, of all kinds with all types of camera. That they don't get hung up on finer details is possibly a asset, their main objective appears to be that people have fun with film.
    One of their shows was the spur for me to start developing my own film, and if there are a few more who do this or even just start to discover the possibilities that shooting film offers, surely this is no bad thing?
    Of course I understand that the whimsical style will not be to everybody's taste. That said I'd encourage anyone with an even vague interest or thought about film photography to check out the episode archive.

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