film photography and stereo.monocular vision in recent New Yorker

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  1. This is not a question, but an alert to two highly photog relevant articles in
    the June 19, 2006 New Yorker.

    That is the isue with the wedding get-away car with one groom and three brides,
    if you see it in your doctor's office, at a stand, the library:

    The first article (p. 46-51) deals with "The Cameraman" Gregg Tolland, who
    revolutionized the taking of film shots in the 1930-40s. Wonderful explanations
    andideas about how to photograph, light, make action etc etc.

    Te second article (and I do not know why we are so lucky with this issue) is on
    "Stereo Sue" (p. 64-73) and deals with the history and neurological basis of
    monocular and stereo human vision, the benefits of both for photography (=
    making flat pictures of space around us) and so forth. Very illuminating for
    anyone interested in photography, in seeing and depicting.

    I do not know how to locate these on the internet; the New Yorker site does not
    seem to have an archive. Sorry, at least I could not find one.
  2. New Yorker archive site:

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