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  1. Film Chemicals :
    C-41 ( Color Negatives) - Liquid Kit (Tetenal) - 2 ltr Kit
    E-6 ( Color Slides ) - Liquid Kit (Tetenal)
    Available through Tetenal India 033 22881157
    Online film supply : films festival based in Thailand on
    Processing Labs :
    1) Prabhu Photos: #32, 2nd floor, Brigade road cross, Lane opp.
    Lee showroom, Bangalore - 01 Landline: 080 41124222 / 25582233,
    Mobile: +91 8197084085 / 9945016170
    Stocks films (35mm & 120) Process Color Negatives, B&W and Xpro (all formats), Hi-resolution film scan, digital photo prints & fine art prints (archival)
    Temporarily stopped Slide processing Can mail film rolls Web: FB: Email:
    2) Sabir Ahmed: Call 98800 35542 or email
    - Black & White film development (135, 120, 4x5 formats). Chemistry available Kodak D-76, Kodak HC-110, Rodinal, Universal Developer. Call for specific developer requirements.
    - Darkroom printing from 4”x6” upto 12”x16”on RC & Fibre paper (Ilford & Foma).
    - Colour & B&W Film Scanning (from 135, 120, 4x5, 8”x10”)
    Film Supply:
    1) RK Photo guide
    80-41139000, 80-22251929
    They can mail film rolls .

    Delhi :
    Processing Labs :
    1) SV PhotographicD-732, Lower Ground Floor,
    Chittaranjan Park,
    New Delhi-110019
    Ph.+91- 11 41603702, 41604001, 26278131.
    They develop b&w, c-41, e-6 and do darkroom printing as well.
    2) Siddharth photographix
    b/w color neg 35 ,medium format ,large format 4x5 inch.
    ph : 09810372921 and land line no. 01124319210
    Film Supply :
    1) Eastern Photographic 098-10-070275 - Mr Arvind
    2) Madanjee
    Shop No. 12, Chandni Chowk, (opp. Moti Cinema) Delhi - 110006
    Mobile : 91-9810026678 LandLine : 91-11-23276958
    B-2/73 C, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi - 110029.
    Phone :
    011- 49517700 (Mr. Shivesh)
    011-49517736 M: 9811195438
    email :
    Bombay (Mumbai) :

    Processing Labs :
    Idea Creative Solutions,
    Shop No. 1, Sharma Bldg., New Prabhadevi Road, Prabhadevi, Mumbai.
    Mr. Ramesh - 9594055751.
    Film Supply
    Nikhil Enterprises : (Mane ) 9619553507
    Nitin Photo 9962283553
    Allied photo graphics 9324291934, 02266338211
    Mumbai ( additional info) :
    Modern Photo Stores (Ph. 022 22670123) is selling Fujifilm C200 for Rs. 140,

    You can also head to Chor Bazaar. You may find various kinds of unexposed expired films for very cheap.
    Altaf Khatri (Ph. +91 8879597955) sells TLRs and Large Format Cameras. He knows what he's selling, knows his cameras and he's bargain friendly.
    There's a shop next to his as well. Babubhai (Ph. +91 9892068511, Mutton Street) sells all kinds of film cameras but you sort of have to place an order to buy stuff from him. He may bargain.
    There's another shop on Mutton Street, I'll update this with his contact soon, he's got cameras, exposed (if you're a collector) and you may be lucky enough to find expired unexposed rolls.
    Manish Patil (Ph. +91 9324867555) repairs both film and digital (knows his *X&$#**X&$#**X&$#**X&$#*) and sells as well. He's located in the same building as Siddharth College, Churchgate next to Thomas Cook building. He's a bargain friendly guy.
    Deepak and Govind (Ph. 022 66315270), these guys repair film cameras. No personal experience. There's another one called Popular Repairs, I'll update soon with their phone number.
    Nikhil Bajaria, from the Nikhil Bajaria Enterprise is selling Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100 for Rs. 300 and Fujifilm Provia 100F for Rs. 600. You can bargain with this guy.
    Standard Supply is selling expired 2013 Kodak Portra 160VC for Rs. 575, 2017 expiry for Rs. 1000 (120mm film,); Ilford Pan 100 for Rs. 700; Kodak Tri - X 100 2017 expiry for Rs.1060; Kodak ColorPlus 200 for Rs. 275. You can't bargain with him.
    Madras (Chennai) :
    Processing Labs :
    Konica Studios (Sterling Road , Balfour Road) - 35mm color developing / printing
    Krishna Studios - 35mm color , black and white developing . Also stock 35mm fuji film color rolls. can mail film rolls Near Geetha cafe , 3 stores away from Rathna Stores, Pondy Bazaar in T Nagar (044 - 24341657 )
    Sathyam Studio - Near Mylapore railway Station . 35mm colour , black and white printing /developing (35mm, 120 , Medium format ) 044 - 24640574 , 9790960574
    Film Supply :
    1) Ellis road location: Fotopoint ( Fuji colorplus 200 film , 35mm format)
    2) Sasikant Mehta 9444136308 ( Fuji Provia , Neopan )
    3) Krishna Studios - 35mm color , black and white developing . Also stock 35mm fuji film color rolls
    Near Geetha cafe , 3 stores away from Rathna Stores, Pondy Bazaar in T Nagar (044 - 24341657 )
    Calcutta (Kolkotta) :

    Bikash Bose 9331607940 (Only BW darkroom processing) Rates Dev 200/, Contact Sheet 200/-, 8”x10” Darkroom Print 200/-
    C-41 processing
    Zoom 16 color film laboratory (
    Zoom House 23/38, Gariahat Road, Kolkata - 700 029, INDIA (Near South City College, Golpark) Telephone 033 4061 2166
    Kwality Color Lab 2 Central Road, Jadavpur, Ist Floor Kolkata 700032 West Bengal Telephone 033 24830627
    Vishal Colour Lab Judges Ct Rd, Alipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700027 Telephone 033 2449 9722
    Vishal Colour Lab 137, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Rd Kolkata 700026 West Bengal Telephone 033 6521 2224
    Lashmi Narayan Digital 137, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Rd Kolkata 700026 West Bengal Telephone 033 6520 0951, 9831244152
    Film Stock:
    1) Go to Esplande and ask for Metro Galli (beside esplanade metro station entrance towards Lenin Sarani crossing ). lots of shops. buy only if in stock
    Hyderabad :
    Sethuram Anant Chimalgi 9963697628 . can mail film
    04066383338 Jyothi Art studio, Secunderabad.
    Processing :
    Surender Patel (Sukruti) - 07926587335 ( 35mm, Medium Format Color Slides, Negatives , black and white development , scan) - Ahmedabad. mails films too.

    Photogenics Fatehgunj, Vadodara (Baroda)
    Pune :
    Processing :
    Heera photo lab, tilak road - Black and white . . ph : 24478941
    Pooja photo lab, tilak road - Colour processing , scanning. ph : 24477986
    C-41 Processing :
    Capital Photo Studio in sector 22 opposite bus stand
  2. At first glance I suspected a spam, but it looks to be a useful guide for those in the subcontinent, although they may want to download it and reformat it for easier reading.
    Thanks, Sanjay.
    I could have used this last November.
  3. Hi, I wish you had reached out to me earlier. I would have been glad to share the information . I run a fb group called film photography India. If I remember correctly, you helped me out with Leica Projector issue in 2010 .
  4. Nice initiative, Sanjay. Need someone to do this every couple of years.


    Re Deepak & Govind mentioned above. Their shop is Mini Foto. I got a Nikon F5 and my Dad's 45year old TLR repaired by them in last
    18 months. Also a 110mm Mamiya RZ lens which had a bad flash contact. Did a good job on all. Turnaround time was also reasonable.
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  6. Hmmm.. planing to be in New Delhi in February.. Is there anyone selling color MF and 4x5 there?
    Made need some by then, several years ago, could not find anyone who had it in stock..
    Thanks for any help..
  7. Hi,
    Thanks for the reformat. I have a facebook group called film photography india on facebook. please feel free to join.
    Some of the inputs have come from other members from there. Ranjan, if you have any further information , please feel free to share.
    Peter, 120 film might be available. I am not sure of 4x5. What film do you shoot? Kodak black and white might be available. Fuji - black an white .There is a site called fotosingh. Prices might be on higher side. stocks also might be limited. Where are you based out of ?
  8. Hi Sanjay,
    I'm a film shooter too. I'm visiting Ooty, Coonoor and Kodai from the uk next March and wondered if you or any member of your group might be able to recommend a lab in Cochin, where I will be flying out from? I'll probably be shooting Kodak Portra 160 and 400. Wasn't planning to visit Bangalore this time but Chennai is a possibility. I would be grateful for your advice.

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