Film labs for Wedding shooters-C41

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by joe_mcinerney, May 30, 2007.

  1. Hello,
    I am searching out labs that wedding photographers send their film to be developed. I know this has
    not been asked in a while due to digital but I shoot 120 pinhole film for weddings. It is only a side
    factor in weddings that I shoot digital with a Canon 1DS. The city doesn't matter where the film will be
    sent. I am looking for people that are happy with their results whether or not price or service.
    Thanks, J
    I posted this earlier today in Film and Processing > Color negative and a user suggested I post here.
  2. Sorry you don't shoot the bulk of your weddings on film. It's certainly more deserving than being reduced to a "sideshow status", but as far as labs go, what I don't process on my own equipment I outlab to TPI Photo in Youngstown Ohio. Very good service, never questionable quality or shoddy results. They're actually on Kodak's website as part of their processing quality control auditing program.

    They also still offer optical printing, if you actually want to get fine details that you pay so much more for in shooting medium format film. After all, you're kind of wasting 6cm-wide film by only getting digital 5x5 in. prints from it. They are much better with their results than what you'd get from a "semi-pro" lab like Dodd or Cord Camera, whom I used before acquiring my own machinery when time was an issue. With the lesser quality labs you can get lower prices, but you run into stuff like scratches and improper replenishment. Consistancy is what you're paying the extra money for.

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