(Film) How to get great exposure without aperture needle?

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  1. And keeping it photographic, methylmercury was the cause of Chisso-Minimata Syndrome, famously documented by the great Gene Smith.
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  2. You don't need a meter in daylight outside. Start at f16 with a shutter speed that comes closest to your film speed and you're fine for open sun. Open a stop if it's a little overcast. Open a couple of stops for shade. Open another stop for deeper shade. Unless you are particularly masochistic or have a strange love for old emulsions, use negative film. And when in doubt, open up a stop.
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  3. Voigtlander still makes their VC meter I think and it's made to clip onto old cameras which did not have built in meters. That might work as a stopgap, but I suspect that getting it repaired or replacing the body might be another answer I'd consider. There are also a raft of good separate light meters such as the Gossen Luna Pros which last forever and work very well and spot meters which teach you to read the brightnesses of an image. Some come with a nice holster.

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