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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by John Di Leo, Jul 5, 2020.

  1. I have borrowed a Epson V800 scanner to digitize old medium format and 35mm film, both B&W and color. The OEM film holders hold only 3 frames of 120 and 3 rows of 35mm. I saw a v700 medium format holder that held 6 frames for over $130, ouch. Not a lot of bang for the buck.
    Can one lay down the film on the bed of the scanner (my film is flat) and cover it with glass, to hold it in place and flat, and get good scans? I am thinking 9 to 12 MF and 36 35mms. If distance is an issue then laying the film between 2 pieces of glass could give the proper separation from the bed of the scanner. If the film lays flat enough is a separate glass cover even necessary?
    BTW, I am very satisfied with the scans I am getting now, but I am looking for a way to speed up the process and make it more efficient.
  2. The v800 has two lenses. A more accurate one with more resolution for film scanned in the holders. You can also scan on the platen glass but only with the less accurate lens. This second lens is required with 8x10" film in any case. So you can put the film flat on the glass and then select no film holder.

    However, you're in luck. :) You can buy a V800 holder for 120 film for around $26. It has a built in ANR glass to make the film flat by pressing the film to the glass. Get the instructions for how to use it. One note of caution. It only accept strips up to 20mm. So you may have to trim the ends to squeeze it in.
    Epson Parts | film holder assy., brownie for Epson Perfection V800 Photo - Perfection V800 Photo - Scanners - Products
  3. Thanks, Alan
    That film holder is the one I am using, I believe. It looks like that. It is fiddly when loading the film. It holds three negatves with some room to spare. The window measures ~~2.5x10 inches.
    The one I mentioned above was for the V700 and held double film strips, but over $130
  4. I believe the V700 unit doesn;t have the glass while the V800 holder does.
  5. That site does not list shipping to USA and if that is desired there is an international call to discuss. I copied the part number and sent a question to Epson asking if that works on the v800. Thanks again, Alan.
  6. I tried just the naked negatives on the platen and a scan will happen, but no thumbnails and no ability to scan individual frames without using the marque tool. I have asked tech support at epson if that holder works on the v800. Getting canned responses so far, not answering the question. It may not because of the different lighting/lensing on the v800--as you point out above

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