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Discussion in 'Minox' started by maheen_mohammed, Oct 7, 2002.

  1. I have an old Minox B camera, from the 60's sometime I believe, and I
    was wondering where I could purchase film for it and what kind of
    film it needs. Thank you.
  2. Maheen Check this thread Film for Minox 8x11
    Minox B has a frame size of 8mm x 11mm, thus Minox B belongs to "Minox 8x11" family ( there is also Minox 35mm , APS cameras ) and all Minox 8x11 camera uses Minox 8x11 film
    You can start out by buying a roll of Minocolor 100 36 exp, or 15 exp, and also buy a mailer for processing
  3. "... where I could purchase film for it and what kind of film it needs."
    The camera requires a special film cartridge, like a shrunk-down Kodak Instamatic cartridge.
    Depends upon where you are located. In Germany, for example, MINOX brand 8x11 film is available from most better photoshops, many department store photo departments (such as many urban Karstadts), mailorder (all the ususal places like Brenner), online and directly from the processing labs (Paarz, Chadt). In most European (both West and East) large towns one can find MINOX film but its not as widely available as in Germany or Switzerland. In the Asian-Pacific markets Acmel (Fuji) 8x11 film is available via specialty channels and some of the better shops in Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan. Many of the large International airport hubs too seem to have some shops with MINOX or Acmel film. In the US its a few shops specializing in MINOX, mailorder/online (Amazon and Co) and the main processing lab (MPL in New York). Via mailorder/online and credit-card payments etc. one can get MINOX film nearly the world over.

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