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Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by linda_vesci|1, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. I need your opinions on film for an Alaskan cruise in August. I always shoot
    Fuji Reala 100, but I read that I should use a faster film. I'm not sure what
    to buy because of the movement of the ship and the glacier's blue cast. I
    could shoot slide film as well color negative as I shot my first rolls of in
    the southwest in May and they turned out good. However, I shot Velvia 50, and
    I'm sure that won't work for the cruise. Can you please give me some advice.
    Should I buy 400 speed, and what would you suggest knowing that I like Reala
    and Velvia because of their colors. Thanks in advance.
  2. ted_marcus|1

    ted_marcus|1 Ted R. Marcus

    Kodak Ultra Color 400UC is the best color negative film for any sort of travel. It has very fine grain, and bold but not excessively saturated color, at a convenient speed. That's what I used before I switched to digital.
    If you like slides, you can send the 400UC to Dale Labs. They can print the negatives as slides on Kodak Vision motion picture film, and return mounted slides to project along with the original negatives to use for enlargements. You'll get better exposure latitude that way, along with finer grain than most ISO 400 slide films.
    I have no financial or other connection with Dale Labs, but I used them for years with great results.
  3. A second vote for 400UC, also for the Dale Labs slides from 400UC. I have ordered the Dale Labs slides from various negative films several times, and they are always stunning. and I do mean stunning. High quality and excellent saturation, especially from NPZ or 400UC negs. Cant go wrong with either of these films.
    For slide film, try some Kodak Elite Chrome 100 Extra Color. If you like Velvia, you will like this. Twice the speed, and only 3.50 a 36exp roll at I love this film. The new Velvia 100 doesnt match these 2 slide films IMHO.
  4. Stay with what you are used to. There is no need for a faster film. The Reala will give you marvelous images of the many intense shades of green in Alaska.
  5. i have also got very nice results with teh 400UC. go ahead a bring a few roles of 400. it can not hurt. enjoy.

  6. Thanks everyone. 400UC was on my list, so thanks for confirming. Linda

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