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Discussion in 'Black and White' started by alessandro_marconi|1, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. have a look at this item on ebay,please:

    now,this is what i call a proper description of a film:)))


  2. That is a good one. My property deed isn't that detailed.
  3. We should all email the seller asking if he can provide any more information about the film so that we can make an informed purchasing decision!
  4. Looks light all he did was copy the Kodak info. Should have at least credited Kodak or just put a link to the Kodak info.
  5. Copyright violations like this are the least of ebay's numerous problems.
  6. Another ebay illiterate (that's becoming a pleonasm) who didn't learn to use
    the enter key.
  7. Yeah, Mac, they're regrettably redundant repeaters.
  8. Like I'm going to buy film from some schmuck on Ebay who doesn't even know what the stuff is!
    Ebay definitely has bigger problems than stuff like this. Such as: />Blue Angel Hornet

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