Film cutting (re: Quang-Tuan Luong response)

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by oliver_barrett, Sep 18, 1997.

  1. Quang-Tuan, thank you for the information. I am considering cutting
    larger negatives to the 5 x 7 size also. Do you use a paper trimmer
    such as the Rototrim or Dahle? Is cleaning off cutting debris (film
    chips) an issue? I'm hoping that normal dust-off procedures as is
    typical with film holder loading will be sufficient.


    Thanks again,
  2. Based on Kerry Thalman's advice (who said not to bother
    with any other cutting device), I bought a Rotatrim.
    I cuts perfectly. The only thing I found was that if I tried
    to cut to the exact dimensions, then sometimes due to alignment
    problems the film would not fit into the holder. Now
    I cut to 1.5mm less than the nominal dimensions and i have
    not had that problem. Film debris is not a problem, you
    just wipe them off your table. I just hope I had a better
    use for all those 8x1 bands than bookmarks :)

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