Film case options for developed strips of 120?

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by Ray S, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. I already own a traditional MF film storage box that you can put the commonly found 8x11 plastic protector sheets in which you use to protect your film.

    Well the other day I wanted to bring a few shots over to a friend to test something at his place but aside from bringing the whole box of my developed 120 film/images I was wondering what else I can use to transport the already developed film?

    After a bit of research I began looking for a small plastic box or something slightly larger than strips of 120 film which I can then use to it transport 1 or more developed & cut rolls 120 film.

    Was thinking of checking w the local craft stores to see what they have. Perhaps they will have some kind of pencil box or something that would work and would not be exorbitantly expensive.

  2. Why not just grab the sheets you want to take with you and stick them in a folder?

    I use binders, but I've been doing that for years when I didn't want to take the whole binder.
  3. Just wanted something a little safer since with folders nothing holds them from falling out plus folders are easy to bend. I'm thinking of using either a pencil box or a restaurant bill holder/binder.
  4. For temporary carry (not permanent storage) just use a manila or other large envelope from the office supply store.
  5. Thanks Alan, JDMvW, & David. I appreciate your suggestions. I'm really looking for something hard sided that won't bend. All of your suggestions bend with just a breeze I think.

    What I ended up doing was just using my big 3-ring film box but long term it's really a bad solution due to it's large size. Oh well for now that worked but I can see something else would be needed for longer term use.

    Thanks again.
  6. What you need is a stiffener - say a 1/8 inch thick sheet of plastic to go in the envelop to keep it from bending. If you are in California try you local TAP Plastics store. All you need is a piece of scrap plastic. If you are not near a TAP store, try you local hobby store. When I needed a piece of plastic to squeegee my 8 x 10 prints against, I went to TAP. They just pulled a piece out of the scrap bin and gave it to me - no charge.
  7. Thanks.

    I ended up just taking the entire film storage folder instead, but thanks anyways!
  8. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    Bingo! You answered your own question.... I love the pencil box idea! Kids use a plastic pencil case.... Staples, school supply?

    Im looking for a slim light tight metal box to hold my undeveloped exposed 4x5s while out kayak/backpacking for a week?
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  9. Yeah the only issue with the pencil box is It's not really the correct size. In most cases it's too thin (not wide enough) or way too big. I'm going to try using a waiter's folding check/bill holder if I can get one.

    As for 4x5's how about a Tupperware or Rubbermaid container maybe?

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