Film Camera Weekend for September 8

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  1. Great images, everyone. While I'm well-stocked with several black and white emulsions I've been really testing the Kentmere 100: because of the good results that our members are getting with it and it's the least expensive ISO 100 film for me. I've settled on a processing time of 8' in HC110 dilution H at 68F. With that processing I find that I'm getting box speed and have negatives that both scan well and are easily printable. Currently using a batch of D-72 that I mixed from bulk chemicals for my printing.
    Will post scans later from the two rolls of Kentmere 100 that are drying in my darkroom. One from my Olympus OM-1 and the other from Konica Auto S1.6. Meter was reading too high on the Konica so I partially covered the CDS cell with black sharpie until its meter agreed with an accurate meter. The Kentmere 100 in that camera confirmed the success of my efforts as I can use it on the EE setting with confidence again.
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    This is actually a 1981 "M" series Kiev with modernized features including a redesigned shutter speed dial, hot shoe, conventional rewind crank, and built-in take-up spool. So not quite identical to the original Contax.
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  3. IMG_0182.JPG
    Interesting. I have 2 Kiev specimens. One I thought was a Kiev 4 or 4 A and from serieal number made in 1976 and a Kiev which outwardly looks like a Kiev 4 with a light meter (which still works) made in 1975. From your image now I am not sure what I have. Where do they make the distinction?
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  4. I switched to he 110 and for me it is like. Magic for all my BW. TMAX 100,400 the formapan and arista which are the same. Glad to see that someone else is using it and likes it. I read that that he is grainy and less sharp but I like the results I get
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    The first "M" models were introduced around 1976 (dates differ depending on the source) and can be easily identified by having a rewind crank, though I have seen a 4M without a hot shoe as well. As a memory aid, the "A" models (old or new) are "absent" the meter. From your photos, it looks like you have a 4A and a 4.
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    I should note that the Kiev IIIa, however, does have a meter...just to make it confusing. :confused:
  7. Two tidy examples.

    Kiev 4's

    Kiev 4 Pnet.jpg
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  8. As promised, some scans from the Kentmere 100 that I developed and scanned.
    Overexposed (Tycho is washed out), OM-1 with Orion Starmax 1540mm f12

    This one was taken with the Zuiko 35mm f2.8
    1' time exposure at f8

    Switching over to the Konica Auto S1.6
    outside Twisted Burger in Columbus MS

    waiting with phones

    table level view

    late afternoon sunlit wall
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  10. One has a Jupiter 8 and one is 8M. While we are talking about the Kiev 4 I have one annoying and I hope someone can tell me a simple problem. The wheel for focusing is a little loose and tends to slip gears. Looking at the two cameras I believe that the tab behind the wheel provides pressure to engage the wheel when it is depressed and I think it is a little out of shape so I have to put a lot of pressure on it. My question is can I get acces to this by simply removing the face plate that appears to have 4 screws and hopefully make an adjustment to address this?
    Thanks in advance
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  11. FullSizeRender.jpg I stayed at a hotel in Miami a few years ago and this was the walpaper. Branding was edited out but my guess that it was a Kiev
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    m42dave Dave E.

    Donald, I was reading an article on this recently, and I believe you are correct about removing the face plate. The focusing wheel can be tightened with a screw. I can't find the link to the article, but the Kiev Survival Site should have some information.

    Kiev Survival Site

  13. thanks, I did see a disassembled Kiev on line and it looks simple enough to remove the front plate but they were not addressing my issue in this article but I could see the assembly. But you seem to confirm what I was hoping to be the case of simple adjustment. Sometimes you get to where you want only to find it is a little complicated than what you hope for. Thanks again
  14. Well. I got down to the assembly to focus and found that one of the gears was stripped. I bought the camera in Moscow from someone who said he was an engineer and had just reworked the camera and I believed. Time to get one for parts.this was the Kiev with the meter.
  15. A few more.
    out of order, Olympus OM-1, 35mm f2.8 Zuiko, Kentmere 100

    dried cat paw prints, same gear as above

    starry night, brightest star is Vega, same gear, one spot that is not a star
  16. Hello everyone. Several from two farmers market I've visited this week. Both with a Fed-2 & I-26m lens (50mm). Ultrafine Max 400, OA & V800 scans. Enjoy, Bill 2k17-101-019 ces10 bc.jpg
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  17. The towel in the upper right corner grabbed my eye during focusing. It came home with me !. . now for some red with dinner.! 2k17-103-008 ces5 bc r.jpg
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