Film Camera Weekend for May 19

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 18, 2017.

  1. Nikon F
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  2. James B - the suns rays coming through is lovely.

    Rick - Wicked crisp. Just lovely. HP5 & Pyro can be hard to beat.
  3. Fe2 & 500cm - both w/ HP5 & PyroHD semi All of pups img672b.jpg



  4. Something from a "modern" film camera. I spent a wet and windy afternoon, snow in the air, repairing a Konica 35C AF, a plastic monstrosity that has the distinction of being the world's first production Auto-Focus camera. The battery compartment was badly corroded but I eventually succeeded in getting some current flowing and, as the camera appeared to be functioning, I loaded up a short length of Kentmere 100 and dashed outside during a break in the showers. The results were surprisingly good, the 35mm Hexanon f/2.8 lens is right up to Konica standards, and the auto-everything-else seems to be reasonably accurate. After one sets the ISO there's nothing else one can do but point the camera at a subject and take the shot. Apparently the camera sold like hot cakes despite a high price tag, and it's achieved a sort of iconic status, and certainly a place in history. I attach a couple of samples of no artistic merit but technically indicative of what the camera can do. I'm tempted to run a full-length film...




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  5. OOps! Konica C35, not 35C...Clumsy fingers. Great series of shots from the FE2 you have there, Pinklather.
  6. Thanks for sharing from the C35AF, Rick. We sold a few at the family camera shop despite the high price. The 38mm f2.8 Hexanon of course, was well-known for its use in the C35, C35V, and C35EF. While it only has four aperture blades, shots at medium to small apertures usually looked great.
  7. Here is a product of what some enthusiasts insist is the best stereo camera ever.
    In this case set up for cross-eyed viewing: Belplasca-armory.jpg Belplasca - from Dresden in the DDR
  8. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator

    Interesting, JDMvonW. When I do a cross eyed stereo view, the left hand image seems to move across and align on top of the right hand image giving me the 3-D effect. I am left eye dominant. I wonder if for other people the right hand image seems to cross over and align on top of the left hand image.
  9. It should be Spring but it's still not here, despite bringing out the RTSII (Manual, Gossen Luna Pro). TMY in PMK. Wet scanned BSH/V700.

    Any way I seem to be going for the birds. CZJp 135.

    May17RTSIITMY3in45015min1invWET (5).jpg
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  10. and,

    May17RTSIITMY3in45015min1invWET (8).jpg
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  11. with,

    May17RTSIITMY3in45015min1invWET (2).jpg
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  12. A repeat of For Sail, or should that be Four Sail (?), at the Sydney Marina Brokerage, this time with the Distagon 35. I like this better.

    May17RTSIITMY3in45015min1invWET (3).jpg
    FOUR SAIL #2.
  13. That's interesting, James; I'm right-eye dominant and it does seem that the right hand image moves to the left to create the 3-D effect. Another phenomenon I've noticed previously is that it takes about 30 seconds for my eyes/brain to create the initial 3D effect, but when I look away and subsequently return to the image, the effect is recreated almost instantaneously. Thanks for posting, JDM.

    Love the seagulls, Tony. Ah, I must go down to the sea again...
  14. The two images just seem to merge for me, no one above the other. I can do the II-view, but I have to work at it, and only with some strain. Old habits from viewing aerial photographs, I guess.

    Here's the camera itself

    and my earlier post on it, inclluding some discussion of viewing such pairs with the "nekkid' eye ("free viewing")
    Belplasca Stereo-Kamera 1955
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  15. I had a roll of color film to shoot, so I decided the old Exakta and prism finder needed to be used. I have the later model with the Black and white lettering. It has been serviced for shutter problems, but not curtain problems. It makes a very unique zzzrriiplp sound. I usually shoot this camera with the very fine 35mm Zeiss Flektogon, but since I was shooting Spring colors I went with the equally nice 50mm Pancolar. I live in a medium to large city and I have no problems getting color film developed. for a reasonable cost. The film prices are going up, but development is steady at 0.95Euro. I also sent a 12 exposue 120 roll, but here they charged be almost 3x the amount 2.55Eur.
    I did a screen capture here of the prints. I still need to buy a compatible scanner.


    Crossing Düsseldorferstr at the bottom of the Rheinknie Bridge


    Looking towards the central Oberkasseler Bridge, Trees just budding...


    Looking back towards the Kaiser Wilhelm Ring from the Rheinwiese


    Tulip Bed beside the Forum
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  16. Very nice Chuck. Takes me back to my times spent in Dusseldof & Neuss Norf.
  17. Ohh That'S great!! When were you in this area. I've been here about 25 years now... Yikes Tempuis Fugit. I hail from Westminster MD USA. Came here in the early 90s with the development and construction of the Digital Radio Network.
    Often see myself also gravitating towards LF.. but the older I get the less active I am... I couldn't figure out how to PM individually in the new format. I'm available at
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  19. Another just to keep our thread going, but also to see how my older notebook computer (which has a ton of images) will work with its version of IE.
    Image from Maxxum 2xi, 50mm f2.8 Maxxum Macro, and Fuji Superia 200
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