Film Camera Weekend for May 12

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  1. The Bell Tower from the other side of the Mission. Shot vertical using my backpacking tripod. There is a way to make the tripod hold the camera vertical and now that I know the trick I will shoot vertical often. It was founded by Father Serra (buried inside the place) using local Indians as labor. Not sure if they volunteered or were encouraged with a stick but it was built in 1771. It fell apart at one time but was rebuilt later on and is now maintained using the funds from visitors and the gift shop which appears to have a lively business. You can go to church there if your Catholic or just want to.

    bell tower.....jpg
  2. I'm getting to know "my new point-and-shoot," a Rolleicord V. Just a shot from the building I work in, on HP5. 1krollei465001.jpg
  3. I have been shooting the same Rheinscapes as usual. Although the one is the view from kitchen window. It appears as the first shot on many rolls. The first two are from a FXD using a vario contrast yellow filter and the Flavorite of the Week; APX100(Kentmere?) souped in Rodinal 1:50 and the last one is a Bessa 1 with a
    Triplet Vaskar? and Delta 100 souped in Tanol Speed.


    A View to the Rhein


    The view to the Rhein (from my kitchen window)


    A little soft, Another Rhein view
  4. Hello again. Just finished scanning a roll of Fuji Color 100 of the Kakoako area murals. It has been ages since I have scanned color, so the output might be a bit on the garish side. . I do admit to loving modern art! Fed-2 / Jupiter-8 with exposures either on a 18% grey card or my palm (Zone 6). Local C-41 processing. Aloha, Bill 2k17-050-D-DSCF6613 ces10.JPG
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  5. Following two examples are murals on the above building. Perhaps this coming sunday I will return and finish when all the cars are gone. 2k17-050-HonD-DSCF6615 ces10.JPG
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  6. The Jupiter-8 lens surprised me with the colors. I am sure the UV filter helped . Not bad for a $30 lens ! All scans with the V600 & it's bundled Epson software. All exposures taken with the camera tripod mounted & using the delay timer. Aloha, Bill 2k17-050-D-DSCF6616 ces10.JPG
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  7. Great stuff with the color Bill. Congrats & thanks.

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