Film Camera Weekend for May 12

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 11, 2017.

  1. Himatic040_Boten bij haven.jpg

    Himatic7S Fuji Acros 100
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  2. 2017-05_hp5_kiev2_0002.jpg

    Kiev-2a, Jupiter-8M; Ilford HP5+ in HC110.
  3. 2017-05_fp4_r6_0015.jpg

    Leica R6, Summicron-R 35mm; Ilford FP4 in HC110.
  4. Stopped at Mission Carmel today and took a few shots. Arista 400/ID11. They make some good money as it's $7.50 for a Senior just to walk in and take a few shots. There seems to be a steady stream of old guys with a camera to. Nobody seemed to notice my noisy old camera and Father Serra did not wake up which is good all around I guess.

    Mission Carmel......jpg
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  5. More from Lochside Drive. These were from the first lot using the Zenit EM & my old Fujinon 55/1.8 non-EBC. Not too sharp, but that's me, not the lens. Arista Ultra 200 , Rodinal (1+50) MDC.

    Apr17ZENFuj55Ultra200Rod509min (4).jpg
    8145 Lochside Drive.
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  6. Another.

    Apr17ZENFuj55Ultra200Rod509min (6).jpg
    8275 Lochside Drive.
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  7. Some Wood Gates.

    Apr17ZENFuj55Ultra200Rod509min (7).jpg
    8487 Lochside Drive.
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  8. An Embassy House. Apr17ZENFuj55Ultra200Rod509min (9).jpg
    8155 Lochside Drive.
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  9. One more for now.

    8401 Lochside Drive.

    Expect a lot more of this as I continue to explore them with different camera/lens combinations.
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  10. M4, Wide angle trielmar, Fomapan200, Rodinal Semi-stand.

    M4, Summilux, Fomapan200, Rodinal Semi-stand.
    bark point.jpg
  11. One more: M4, Nikkor 50mm, Fomapan200, Diafine.
    RC Psych.jpg
  12. Lovely meerschaum sultan head pipe picture !
    Here is one more photo for this week .
  13. I see the Light..

    I see the Light.....jpg
  14. Erko! Girders and rivets! Yum! I love metal shots of all kinds. This one's sweet.
  15. Test Anxiety img668.jpg
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  16. Acing the test img658a.jpg
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  17. Ross, 'mission shots are killer - excellent job.

  18. Thank you. I am starting to get the hang of the new camera and even figured out how to shoot it vertical on my lightweight tripod.

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