Film Camera Weekend for April 14

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  1. Greetings, everyone. Time to start up our weekend thread. Three or more images from your film cameras. I'll start.
    Rollei 35 S FP4+
    late afternoon restaurant interior

    another from same roll
    street in late afternoon
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  2. And an image from a modern film camera.
    From the Olympus IS-30 (probably Tri-X or Plus-X
    Ready for a morning's fun
  3. Windsor Ruins Front View. Nikon FM2n, Zeiss 2/25, B+W 022, Ilford FP4+. 2016 ab&w 25 023.jpg
  4. FM2n, Zeiss Milvus 1.4/50, Yellow Filter, FP4+. Pond in Fog. 2017 ab&w 2 (19).jpg
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  5. Nikon F6, Milvus 1.4/50, Yellow Filter, Kodak 400TX. Dog that invited itself on my walk. 2017 ab&w 3 (31).jpg
  6. Hello everyone. Three from my recent Farmers Market sunday breakfast tour. All with the Fed-2/Jupiter-8 combo, Kentmere400, OA & V600 scans. "Rust" was taken when a group of women hit the market for some fruit, their "snacks" when doing an outrigger canoe paddle that morning. All were in their 70's ! Aloha, Bill 2k17-038-025 ces10 sel 11x14.jpg
  7. I paid no attention to the clouds while composing this shot. . . ten minutes later, a half hour of monsoon rain drenched the entire market. Morale? There is a world outside the viewfinder. 2k17-038-031 ces10 bc.jpg
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  8. Hawaii's favorite, native food. . . Poi 2k17-038-019 ces10 bc.jpg
  9. A few at the bottom of Keene Way. Fed 2, Industar-61 55/2.8, Arista Ultra 200, PMK. Scans BSH/V700 under Silverfast SE.

    Mar17Fed255U200PMK10012mim (2).jpg
    JETTY LAND #1.
  10. Mar17Fed255U200PMK10012mim (4).jpg
    JETTY LAND #3.
  11. Mar17Fed255U200PMK10012mim.jpg
    JETTY LAND #4.
  12. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Taken last October with Zenit Automat, Industar-50-2, Velvia 100.

    Perea Trail, Zenit Automat I-50-2.jpg

    Perea Trail
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  13. I just bought a Mamiya 645e today and am wondering if it's a classic camera because it's manual focus or if it's a modern camera because it has aperture priority, meter and batteries (LR44x4). . I guess with different camera's around the house it would be nice if I knew where the line was drawn so that I could post accordingly. Being a new to me camera most likely I will be shooting it a lot for a while as I learn what I can do with it.
  14. Hello
    A few from me, hopefully no duplicates
    Isolette III rail road tracks

    Agfa Isolette III HP5 Plus HC110 Dil H tracks.jpg
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  15. Leica IIIf Delta 100 HC110 bridge 1.jpg #2 bridge Leica IIIf
  16. Leica IIIf Delta 100 HC110 walk.jpg
    Walk Leica IIIf
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  17. Canon AE-1 Ultrafine Extreme 400 two bikers.jpg And one from a Modern Film Camera
    Canon AE-1
    Two Bikers
  18. Well, Ross, it's all good on Film Camera Weekend. Any camera that takes film. Although we're keeping classic manual cameras and modern film cameras as separate forums, we're mixing the two in this weekend thread. FWIW, the first Mamiya 645 required batteries because it had an electronic shutter. Meter was in the finder. I think we've had several posts from various models of Mamiya 645 anyway.
  19. OK then. I will not actually have the camera for a few days until it shows up from KEH. I will post photos here. I have high hopes for the thing and will consider carrying it on my upcoming Half Dome Hike. I have a permit for June 8th but I have to get the feel of the weight and how to carry it along with a gallon of water, food, sunscreen, jacket, gloves, map and stuff. Tripod is out but I will take a mini pod for whatever camera I take along.

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