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  1. To go off subject of course, rear engine, I sometimes wonder what the Corvair might have morphed into. Its design defect should not have made it moribund and there was lots of fertile ground for development
  2. I believe in all the documents presented during the legal battles of the Corvair, it was shown that GM knew the defect (rear suspension geometry) existed but did not want to spend the millions needed to correct the "problem". In the mid to late 60's, the army introduced a Jeep with the identical suspension. For a number of years many GI's were killed & injured before that problem was fixed. . .cost about $100 per unit to equip a "Z" bar to the vehicle. Cheaper yet was a hunk of hefty chain to keep each axle from "tucking under" & starting a roll over. Formula V racing cars (based on Volkswagens of the 60's) use Z bars to great advantage. Shown here is the upper link to the Z bar which runs horizontally to a link from the opposite axle. Bill
    What's going on with the system? I am getting a "Too large a file". Picture is under 900 the longest side, and 500k.
  3. Here is the picture for above. -002 zbar.jpg
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  4. System is really weird today. . now the "edit" function is NFC. The Corvair rear suspension was based upon the VW Beatle of that era, but GM wanted a "cheaper" build, so they omitted the trailing link which VW used to keep the swing axles from "tucking under" & creating a roll over of the vehicle. Money vrs Lives was "fake news" to a lot of companies, even then, even today!. Bill
  5. That happened to me last night. I opened the photo with photo shop and save in a different folder and that worked. I do not know if all these step were nrcessary but it forked
  6. Hello
    Here are a few from the Canon P with Film Ferrainia at 40iso and developed in Pyrocat HD 15 mins with a 3 min prewash and 7 min fix
    I am liking the way these are coming out, a couple are still a little dark but I can live with that, for now

    Beach Hut Deli
    Canon P Film Ferrania at 40iso Pyrocat HD Beach Hut Deli.jpg .
    GNC shadow and light
    Canon P Film Ferrania at 40iso Pyrocat HD GNC shadow light.jpg

    Putting green in Aptos CA this one a little dark
    Canon P Film Ferrania at 40iso Pyrocat HD putting green Aptos CA.jpg
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  7. and a few more

    I have no idea what the heck this is
    Canon P Film Ferrania at 40iso Pyrocat HD unk.jpg

    Canon P Film Ferrania at 40iso Pyrocat HD bike rack.jpg
    Tree and lines sorry Bill about the lines :)
    Canon P Film Ferrania at 40iso Pyrocat HD tree power lines.jpg
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  8. Thanks Mike... None too happy with scans using Vuescan. All my scans are soft... and fixing them make them look manipulated. Some of the grain problems are related to Rodinal..convenient but not a high res developer like D76 . But mostly it'S the softness that bugs me. This is either the driver/Vuescan the driver or the itinerant focus. It ma be just me, but the scans using the Epson driver ( won't work in Win10) were so much better! All other things like poor exposure, development errors and cheap optics are my fault.
  9. Hello everyone. Chuck you might consider the possibility that the Epson negative holders might need "adjustment" for height. My V600 (in Hawaii) was so terrible in producing sharp scans that I put the Better Scanning holders in it for both 35mm & 120 negs. Problem solved, and I use the native Epson software. Messing around with some black electrical tape on the bottom of the holders got the 35mm Epson working, but 7 layers of tape does not stay put in Hawaii's tropical climate. The BS carriers have Teflon Allen screws that adjust the deck height of the carrier to the glass of the scanner. 45 minutes max to set, and forget, the screws.
    Here in Wa. my V800 scanner has similar problems with 120 negs, so once again, a Better Scanning carrier is used.
    Here is another reason why I use the non oem carriers. Epson wants you to put the neg into the scanner with the emulsion UP. Crazy idea to my thinking. Why put a piece of plastic (film substrate) between the emulsion & scanner?? Ages ago, one used a cleared film strip OVER the neg in the enlarger (with emulsion down in those days!) to diffuse zips & other blemishes in portraits. With all of the BS carriers, Anti Newton Glass (ANG) is placed over the neg, since the emulsion is DOWN on my scans. The negs are always flat !
    The Better Scanning carrier are not cheap, but well worth the money spent. Bill
  10. An oldie taken with a Zeiss Ikon Nettar.

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  11. Nice work with the Ferannia P30, Don. That film really shows promise, and the whole Ferrania story is just so wonderful. They deserve all the support they can get.
  12. I planned to upload another photo but I get the message saying the file's too large when clearly it's not unless a 993 max width file is now too big. Funny that only a few days ago I could load even bigger files.
  13. Kill the message and try again, Mike. It took me up to six attempts last night to load each of the pics into my "Humble Camera ..." thread. Really annoying...
  14. I have had to go as far as re-booting the computer (Windows 8) with the site also off.

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