Film Camera Week for October 9

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  1. Mercedes 600
    Nikon F3
    50mm F1.8
    Hand held, low light
    Kodak Portra 400
  2. Step daughters.

    Crown Graphic
    Rodenstock Sironar N 150mm f/5.6 (Caltar branded)
    F/16 x 1/15th second
    Portra 160
    Epson V800

    Laurel and Chelsea Small.jpg
  3. Matriarchy. Same details.

    Matriarchy Wide Smaller.jpg
  4. Nikon F
    Louisville Big four bridge (and of course , six star filter)

  5. 003CMC Pedro Luis-El Lobo  Leica II. Staeble Lineogon-L-35.jpg Leica II. Staeble Lineogon-L 35
  6. 008CMC Pedro Luis-La Pedriza Roca-CanonIIb-Orion15-28.jpg Canon IIb. Orion 15 (28 mm)
  7. Some from a Pentax Super A with a 35-70mm SMC Pentax-A f/4 lens. The film was Arista EDU Ultra 100 developed in PMK Pyro.


    Nocturnal copy.jpg

    The Painter

    The Painter copy.jpg

    A Wyeth Kind of Day

    A Wyeth Kind of Day copy.jpg

    The Creature

    The Creature copy.jpg

    Sue Kense

    Sue Kense copy.jpg

  8. More recent scans, Praktica LTL with the 50mm Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar lens + Ferrania P30 film
    I looked back to check whether I'd posted these and don't believe I did, but apologies for any repeats.



  9. Great set of car and truck photos, Ricochetrider. I remember that model of Monte Carlo. In my area most of them were sold with the basic 305 V8 two barrel. Most of the 350 V8 engines went to Cameros, Corvettes, and full size cars and pickups.
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  10. Mju_03826_Palletstoel.jpg
    Olympus Mju panorama Kodak Tri-X 400
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  11. Mju_03827_Pickup.jpg
    Olympus Mju panorama Kodak Tri-X 400
  12. Mju_03829_Prullenbak.jpg
    Olympus Mju panorama Kodak Tri-X 400
  13. Exercising my Retina II, same model as the first serious camera I ever used, back in 1962. FP4+ bulk-loaded.

    A group of youths, video recording for some event, Buceo park in Montevideo.


    Old bus converted to not-so-temporary home.


    Cars coming up from a Rambla exit, Montevideo..

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  14. Thanks, Mike! A buddy of mine had one of these Monte Carlos, with what I think was the 350 in it. I was working 2nd shift at a local hospital then, and me + a handful of buddies would get together after work to go cruising etc. I recall that car being a bit of a hoot. This one lives nearby my home and I really admire its satin black paint job. Many of the "Film Ferrania" folks don't like it when their fave film gets overly contrasty, but I happen to like that particular quality in this film stock. These deep blacks are just crazy, and this car is the perfect subject to show that off. OTOH, I've drawn a few compliments from that crew on the shot of the old rusting Ford truck for its tonal range.
  15. Nice photo. Interesting too. Do you mind if I ask what part you played in this activity?
  16. That's a 1977 model. The last year before GM down-sized and squared-off their whole line. Major changes in '78, esthetics wise.
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  17. Yes, unfortunately with the downsize GM saddled Chevrolet with the inadequate Turbo Hydromatic 200, which couldn't handle the torque of a 350 or even a 305. However, Buick with its subcompact Skyhawk still got a Turbo Hydromatic 350 to go with its 3.8 V6.
    Back on topic now- great photos everyone and a great start to our weekly thread. Looking forward to seeing more.
  18. Nikon FG, 24mm f/2, Ilford PAN-F.

    Downtown Newark, NJ.


    Nikon FG, 50mm f/1.2, Ilford PAN-F.

    Point Pleasant, NJ.
  19. The "What Camera are you Using This Weekend?" thread reminded me that I might have a few archived images from my Celtic 28mm f 2.8.
    looking across street, Minolta SRT 101
    fuel stop in Ridgeland, same gear, Plus-x
    while not a macro, the 28mm Celtic can still get pretty close, SRT 101, Plus-x
    not much traffic, same gear and film

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