Film Camera Week for October 5

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  1. Some HP5+ I developed yesterday and scanned this afternoon. Camera was a well-used Rollei 35.
    Entering a pizza restaurant to prepare for niece's birthday
    interior at fringes of metering capability
    With scale focusing and a 40mm focal length the Rollei needs ISO 400 film so it consumes a fair amount of the HP5+ I have on hand
    clay prints, most likely 1/30 second at f 3.5
    a Starkville landmark (cropped to avoid parked cars)
    The little Rolleis will handle a minor crop if properly focused.
    part of shopping area in Jackson or Madison area, overcast with rain threatening
  2. I've located some more of my high school negatives. At the risk of sounding like the man who is preparing the dreaded slide show for his guests, here's the photos.
    These were made during my junior year in high school (1973-74). I was still a year away from owning my own 35mm camera so for these images I used my dad's Mamiya Sekor 1000 TL with 55mm f 1.4. In those days my dad and I used Tri-X almost exclusively for most of our 35mm work. I still have the bulk loader he used for this.
    Reading parts from a play
    My teacher (1st period English) bypassed the office and gave me permission to go home and get a camera. I was driving my mom's 1973 Vega to school at the time.
    More parts in the play
    Don't remember what was going on here, but he wasn't cheating. As a matter of fact he went on to be Valedictorian next year.
    One of my classmates
    I hadn't quite gotten the knack of metering backlighting with the Mamiya so the next shot needed a bit of "help" to rescue it.
    Student teacher with "state of the art" audio visuals.
    The mad dash to sign in. This woman was my chemistry teacher junior year and physics teacher my senior year. Years later in graduate school we had a chemistry class together- I was working on my masters and she was working on her doctorate.
    I had a lot of fun digging out these negatives and reminiscing. Hope to find more soon.
  3. Good memories, all.
    I remember a similar projector in grade school that used a simple roll of film that was advanced one frame at a time, in conjunction with an LP that provided narration along with a “ping” tone indicating to the operator to advance the film one frame.
    Looks like the film cartridge there on the right edge of the table.
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  4. We had a few film/record combos in the school library. When I was in college I ran a roll of High Speed Ektachrome through my Bell & Howell Dial 35 half frame and processed it my dad's darkroom with a Unicolor E4 kit. We left it uncut and projected it on a similar projector at the church. Fun times.
  5. [​IMG]
    Living History event at Memorial Museum Passchendaele in Zonnebeke(BE)
    Kodak No.2 Folding Pocket, Model B, Meniscus lens, Fomapan 100

    Dealing with a lot of 'failures' from our Passchendaele photo shoot, luckily I've made a lot of digital back-ups ...which I won't share here ;)
  6. A little more on the Mamiya Sekor 1000 TL. I consulted the manual at Butkus and found out that it actually used a silver oxide cell rather than a mercury cell. Very unusual for the time. Metering wasn't truly a spot (10% of picture area) but definitely not averaging. It took me a few tries to learn to use it effectively. In addition to the 55mm f 1.4 we had a Vivitar 85-205 f 3.8. Dad sold the outfit later after we opened the camera shop. He tended to borrow from display what he wanted to use (usually a Konica Autoreflex T3) in the early camera shop days.
  7. Chamonix 045n, c.1920 Dagor 100mm, Lane dry plate (4x5). Exposure: 2s, f11, ISO 1.
    Spearfish Falls, SD

    Kent in SD

  8. Not a whole lot to say , Nikon F 50mm, f16 125 , kentmere 100 , early morning ....
  9. Another great weekly thread, everyone.

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