Film Camera Week for October 22

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  1. Greetings, all, and welcome to our new thread, Post all the images you want from any film camera. I'll start with some from a roll of Kentmere 100 that I processed and scanned earlier in the week. Camera was Yashica FX-3 Super 2000. Lens noted in description,
    mostly demolished, Phoenix 100mm f 3.5 Macro
    ice, anyone? same lens as above
    drain, same lens
    even the "no trespassing" sign has seen better days, same lens
    Church courtyard, Vivitar 24mm f 2.8, K2 filter
    One more
    Church across the street, same lens as above and same filter
    Looking forward to seeing everyone's images.
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  2. Some from a Nikkormat FTn with the Nikon Nikkor-H Auto 50mm f/2 lens. The film was Kentmere 100 developed in PMK Pyro.

    Tendril #2

    Tendril #2 copy.jpg

    A Tedious Exercise in Framing

    A Tedious Exercise in Framing copy.jpg


    Wrought copy.jpg


    33 copy.jpg

    Tendril #1

    Tendril #1 copy.jpg

    Super Fustinox

    Super Fustinox copy.jpg

  3. I posted this earlier in the week at no words. Hopefully I will have some fresh shots in a day or two. This was the Yashicamat, Tri-x in D76. F16 and a 2 second exposure.

  4. Swalm Building, Mississippi State University. Nikon FM2n, Nikkor 28/2.8 ais, Tiffen # 12 yellow filter, Kodak Tri-X. 2021 ab&w 9 6.jpg
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  5. Walk, flag, and clouds, MSU .Nikon FM2n, Nikkor 28/2.8, #12, Tri-X. 2021 ab&w 9 7.jpg
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  6. Lee Hall, named for S. D. Lee. Nikon FM2n, Nikkor 38/2.8 ais, #12, Tri-x. 2021 ab&w 9 8.jpg
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  7. Bluff Lake, Noxubee Refuge. Nikon FM2n, Nikkor 28/2.8, #12, Kodak Tri-X. 2021 ab&w 9 9.jpg
  8. Looking out to Bluff Lake, Noxubee Refuge. Nikon FM2n, Nikkor 28/2.8, #12, Kodak Tri-X 2021 ab&w 9 14.jpg
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  9. Cemetery Gate

    Argoflex 40, Fomapan 100, HC-110, Epson V600
  10. Finally got the scanning frames for the Epson V700 earlier this week. Still tweaking the scanner and the scanning software





    Zeiss Contax II, KMZ 35mm f/2.8 Jupiter-12, Kodak Double-X
  11. Lake Manyara -
    Euphorbia candelabrium

  12. ]


    Here's an image shot with my Nikomat FTn, Nikkor 50 mm/f1.4 lens, Fujicolor C200 film. 1/125 second, F8. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, near the Sinks. Enjoy!

  13. ]


    Here's some more Nikomat FTn action with a 50mm/f1.4 lens. Fujicolor C200 film, 1/125 second, F5.6. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, enjoy! I also used a Gossen Luna Pro external meter for this shoot.

  14. A few from the Nikon F2 I pictured in the "What camera..." thread. This was my first time out with the F2 and I enjoyed the experience; it has the solid Nikon quality of design and construction typical of the era. The film wind is delightfully smooth, the shutter release is precise and the shutter itself is very quiet. The DP1 Photomic finder provided very sensitive and accurate metering. Overall, I'm impressed. The lens was the impeccable Nikkor 50mm f/2 and the film was Ilford FP4 Plus developed in PMK Pyro.





    Waiting and Hoping

    Waiting and Hoping.jpg

    A World of Wood

    A World of Wood.jpg



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  15. Watching the bay in the sun. Piriapolis, Nikon F with 21mm lens. FP4+ in Beutler.


    Vitamina, Punta del Este harbor, same gear.

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  16. T2_009_Foodhal Mout.jpg T2_010_GSA.jpg T2_011_Palen.jpg
    Yashica T2 Kodak Ultramax 400
  17. 018CMC Hombre Orquesta y Marlboro-Londres CFL55.jpg

    032CMC Franco Dead Periódicos-Londres-CanonF-1-CFL55-Panatomic-X-ISO32-A-110-1a18-4'30-20ºC.jpg

    013CMC Contraluz Sombras Grupo Monjas-CanonFT-CFL55-ValcaF22-ASA125.jpg
    Canon F-1. Canon FL 55. Tri-X 400 (no developer data)​

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