Film Camera Week for October 2

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  1. Greetings all and welcome to our new thread. Post all the images you like from any film camera. I didn't get a chance to process any new film so I'm digging into my archives for a few to get started.
    shopping area, Olympus XA, Rolleipan 25
    symmetrical, Minolta XE-7 with MD 28-85, Ilford FP4+
    old bicycle, Fujica GS 645S, Agfa APX 100
    tinted clouds, Minolta SRT, Sigma 100-200, FP4+, color added in PhotoStudio 5.5
    electric mower, Maxxum 8000i with Maxxum 35-105 (first generation)
    found on shelf in darkroom, likely shot with Minolta SRT and 50mm macro
    That's all for now. I hope to add some new images over the weekend. Looking forward to seeing everyone's images.
  2. Morning glories. My Dad's Nikkormat FT2 with original Nikkor 50/1.4 lens, B+W 022 medium yellow filter, Kodak 400TX or Tr 2020 ab&w 8 13.jpg i-x.
  3. Morning glory. Nikkormat FT2, Nikkor 50/1.4, 022, 400TX. 2020 ab&w 8 20.jpg
  4. Free range chickens. Nikkormat FT2, Nikkor 50.1.4, 022, 4 2020 ab&w 8 26.jpg 00TX.
  5. Lacy giving me the look. Nikormat FT2, Nikkor 50/1.4, 022, 400TX. 2020 ab&w 8 28.jpg
  6. Lizzie T with the look. Nikkormat FT2, Nikkor 50/1.4, 022, flash, 400TX. 2020 ab&w 8 29.jpg
  7. [​IMG]


    Playing around with a Graflex RB Series B, with a Kodak 127mm f/4.5 Ektar lens and a "Graflex 23" roll film adapter. Fomapan 100
  8. planes, trains, & automobiles (& boats)

    Praktica LTL, 50mm Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar lens, Ferrania P30 film


    Hasselblad 500c, 50mm Distagon lens, Fuji Provia 100f film


    hasselblad 500c, 50mm Distagon lens, Ilford Pan F Plus 50 film


    Praktica LTL, 50mm Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar lens, Ferrania P30 film


    Voigtlander R3m, 50mm f3.5 Heiar lens, Rollei Superpan 200 film

  9. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Last 3 from Kalimar Regula Reflex 2000 CTL, ISCO Regula-Westromat 50/1.9, Delta 100, medium yellow filter. Processing by Dwayne's Photo.

    Open Space 2, Kalimar Regula Reflex 2000 CTL, ISCO Regula-Westromat 50 1.9.jpg

    Open Space 2
  10. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

  11. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

  12. Shades of the Virgin Spring
    Dalarna farmstead at Skansen
    Nikkormat FTn
  13. A few around Sidney with the Pentax KX wearing PanF + with the -M 35/2.8 and development in Pyro HD. Failed to contain inherent contrast. Oh well! Next time.

    Untitled (5).jpg

    Untitled (6).jpg
    ON BEACON 2.

    Untitled (9).jpg
    FISH ON 5TH. (Best F&C in town)

    Untitled (4).jpg

    Untitled (8).jpg
    ON BEACON 3.

    Untitled (7).jpg

  14. 2k20-079-001 ces15 bc bm.jpg My Niece's husband "Test Driving" his new pressure washer on the drive way. Vertical crop of 6x6 negative from my Isolette 3 folder. Arista.EDU 400 @ 250 asa. Pyrocat HDC & V600 scan. Aloha, Bill
  15. Some from a Nikon F4 with the Nikon 24-120mm f/3.5-5.6D lens. The film was Ilford FP4 Plus developed in PMK Pyro.


    Interior copy.jpg

    On Guard

    On Guard copy.jpg

    Securing the Dog

    Securing the Dog copy.jpg

    Sunbeam #3

    Sunbeam #3 copy.jpg

    The Bell

    The Bell copy.jpg


    Sunbeam copy.jpg

  16. Olympus Mju Panorama Tri-X 400
    Mju_03817_Motor met zijspan.jpg
    Side car
    Library at workplace
  17. I'd been having some odd issues with my Canon 7 rangefinder - a bright strip appearing in the bottom of the frame occasionally so this was more of a quick test roll than anything. At first I thought it might be some unevenness in the shutter curtain movement, then possibly some sort on reflection inside the camera, but when I finally got a lens shade set up on the 50 f1.8 Serenar it vanished - mid-roll. I also noticed that contrast was immediately stronger even when there wasn't much obvious reason for it not to be. Lesson learned. These shots are from a very quick stroll through one of the old working-class neighbourhoods in town, all shot on HP5. I have to say I'm really liking the look of the Serenar.
    HP5 k 024.jpg HP5 k 020.jpg HP5 k 023.jpg HP5 k 029.jpg
  18. I kinda get a kick out of this one as well, an improvised bus schedule ("skedule"). Same camera, lens and film.
    HP5 k 025.jpg
  19. I haven't posted since August and I really haven't done much since then so I took my text from my last post as it's just more from the same lot of pictures.
    Back for more fun. I used a camera that I've only shot the third roll in The other shooter is a favorite combination. The rarely used camera here is the Yashica Lynx 1.4. This has a huge chunk of glass displaying proudly the name Yashinon. Reason enough to be used. .. So it has been mostly ignored the last five years or so. The other tried and true combination is the Werra III with the Flektogon sporting a medium yellow "G2" filter. It rarely disappoints. I will note which is which in the captions, I processed the APX100 in D76 1:1 Little to no post-processing.


    Yashica Lynx 1.4 - View to the City (this is across the stree from my apt)


    Yashica Lynx 1.4 - Belsenbrau Altes Bahnhof (Converted train station - restaurant)


    Yashica Lynx 1.4 - Barbarossa Platz - Fountain in Oberkassel


    Werra III Flektagon Yellow filter Street in Alt Stadt


    Werra III Flektagon Yellow filter - The Forum


    Werra III Flektagon Yellow filter . An Der Canon a kind of inner harbor to the harbor


    Werra III Flektagon Yellow filter - The Pegel Uhr and Oberkasseler Brücke
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  20. Chuck- your fine results with the Yashica Lynx remind me that I need to give my 14e some exercise. Meter is dead and VF is foggy, and filter ring is dented, but shutter speeds and apertures work fine.
    We're off to a great start in this thread. Looking forward to seeing more images.
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