Film Camera Week for November 2

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  1. Thank you,
    This little memorial, together with the one for a corporal of the 2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry nearby, is a small bit of hidden history in my area.
    I'll share some more photos from the small ceremony we held there last Sunday in the next film camera week topic.

    My tools of the trade, at Cambrai during The Pursuit Tour 1944-2014
    Leica IIIc, with a Summitar and Fomapan 100 I think.
  2. I have the Mamiya 645e with the regular 80mm f2.8 Sekor lens. Thank you for looking. The barn is at Pinnacles National Park and a Blacksmith and family lived and worked there many years ago.. It would have been a hard life living out there with just a dirt road and a wagon. Ektar is a very sharp and saturated film. It's fun.
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  3. I have a 645E as well. Pro's never embraced it like the other Mamiya 645's since the finder wasn't interchangeable and back is not interchangeable as well. But it was an affordable entry into the system, especially on the used market. I like the bright focusing screen and light weight.

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