Film Camera Week for November 2

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  1. Portra 400, Mamiya 645e, Unicolor c41 kit..

    tractor web.jpg
  2. Experiments in hipster photography.

    Olympus trip 35, Kodak Ultramax 400, first frame:


    Minox 35GT, Kodak Ultramax 400, same roll as before. Got a refund on the Trip because the aperture blades got stuck intermittently:




  3. A few lunch hour photos from last week shot on some 40 year old plus-x I got for a song. I had to rate it at 25 ISO after the decades had reduced the speed. The camera was a Nikon FM2n with 20mm lens - developed in Rodinal 1 + 50. Front Street Whitburn Split Tone Large JPEG.jpg Side alley Whitburn 2 LARGE JPEG.jpg Whitburn Graveyard LARGE JPEG.jpg
  4. A couple of still life's with the plus-x and a Halloweeny shot on my Perkeo II with a roll of 220 FP4 I needed to use. doll on log 1 Large JPEG.jpg hip flask 1 LARGE JPEG.jpg

    Shoes and spanner LARGE JPEG.jpg
  5. Jupiter 8M 50mm on Contax IIa
    dates to 145-66 million years ago, maybe making the Magnolia the first flowering plant
  6. Ektar with my Mamiya. The playground is the Dennis the Menace playground in Monterey Ca. The child is my Grandson. The Barn is at Pinnacles National Park. They have a barbecue each year for the volunteers so I stopped at the barn first for a couple photos. They gave me a bronze medal for volunteering more then 100 hrs on the Search and Rescue team out there.

  7. Off to a great start. The quality and diversity of the images posted continues to amaze.
  8. I took a walk this morning with a Bronica ETRs with the standard 75mm Zenzanon MC f/2.8 lens, one I don't seem to use very often. It's certainly a very high quality lens, and the results pleased me. Film was Ilford HP5 Plus, developed in PMK Pyro.

    Heritage #1

    Heritage 001.jpg

    Picture Window

    Picture Window.jpg

    Not Quite Vegan

    Not Quite Vegan.jpg

    Heritage #3

    Heritage 002.jpg

  9. Which Mamiya? The barn stands out.
  10. I purchased this combination a few years back and there seemed to be some issue with partial exposure.. not so sure if a loose front element was the culprit. The kit is a Kiev 5 with the Helios. You may all know that the Kiev 5 was a vain glorious attempt to "improve or update" the Contax II design they overtook after the WWII. It was only in production for about five years in the late 60s until they tossed in the towel. This roll was more consistent than the previous, but I only secured the front element after I shot the roll. Excuse please the lack of new material... but it's color for a change and it exhibits some of the seasonal changes too.


    The Tonhalle ( Concert Hall)


    Corner Building (Record births marriages etc )


    New Path to Statue (with lighting)


    In Hofgarten


    NRW Forum Wirtschaft und Kultur
  11. Nice work from that Kiev 5, Chuck ! It's not a well-known camera in my part of the world. Here's just a snapshot I took at our local Vintage Aircraft day last weekend, of one of our local topdressing pilots and his son. I wish my father had been that interesting! No claims as to art or quality but the pic just appealed to me.

    Lunch on the Fly

    Lunch on the Fly.jpg
  12. Make sure you put aside a print of that for the little one 30 years from now......
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  13. Bertliang -- esp. like the 3rd shot !
  14. Thank you - kinda challenging to control the flare in these uncoated FED's!!
  15. [​IMG]
    Memorial for the men of the Black Watch who were killed on the 4th of November 1944 trying to take a bridge across the "Drongelens" Canal near the towns of Cromvoirt and Helvoirt. They were buried in this spot for a while before the bodies were moved to a War Cemetery elsewhere.
    Kodak Signet-40, 46mm f/3.5 Ektanar, Kodak double-X
  16. Great bit of history there, Rick. Thanks for sharing.
  17. Thanks for renewing the History in our minds.
  18. Chuck. Great light on #2 & #4.....

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