Film Camera Week for November 17

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  1. Greetings everyone and welcome to our weekly film camera thread. As many photos as you like from your film camera. I'll start with some from a roll of Ilford FP4+ that I processed and scanned earlier in the week.
    Confederate memorial, Minolta XE-5, 50mm 1.7 MC Rokkor, #15 deep yellow filter

    Official Mississippi State transportation, XE-5, 50mm 1.7

    part of carport clutter, XE-5, 50mm 1.7

    Christmas open house
    Clean up after game day
  2. Regional Veterans Day

    Olympus PEN F, 38mm f/1.8 Zuiko, Fomapan 100

    Leica IIIc, 5cm f/1.5 Xenon, Fomapan 100
  3. One room cabin Great Smoky Mountains National Park. FM2n, Zeiss Milvus 1.4/50, medium yellow filter, FP4+. 2017 ab&w 22 026.jpg
  4. Shed GSMNP. FM2n, Milvus 1.4/50, medium yellow filter, FP4+. 2017 ab&w 22 031.jpg
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  5. Cotton up close. Nikon F6, Zeiss 2/25, yellow filter, Ilford PanF+. 2017 ab&w 24 030.jpg
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  6. 2017 ab&w 24 036.jpg Cotton. F6, Zeiss 2/25, yellow filter, PanF+.
  7. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    A few more from the FED 4, Industar-61 L/D, Ektar 100. Next week I hope to have some Pentax and Miranda pictures ready.

    Big Jim Farms, FED-4 I-61.jpg

    Chiles and Pumpkins
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  8. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

  9. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Impala, FED-4 I-61.jpg

    Under the Hood
  10. Is that a 1962 Chevy. We had a 62 when I was growing up.
  11. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    James, I don't remember--it was at a car show recently. Maybe Mike can identify it. :)
  12. M4, Summitar 50mm (1941 vintage), Delta100, Xtol/Rodinal.
    bokeh in CC.jpg bokeh in dc.jpg in a cloud.jpg abandoned cart.jpg
  13. I "discovered" an orphaned roll of Fuji Color in a Vito II kit recently, so here is a frame. Las Vegas during a business / DSCF6124 ces5.JPG HS reunion stay. Bill
  14. Great start to the week! We finally had some more settled weather this past week and I managed to get a couple of films shot. Here are some frames from a Bronica S2a fitted with the 135mm Nikkor-Q f/3.5 lens; the film was Ilford HP5 Plus developed in PMK Pyro and scanned on an Epson V700 Photo using Silverfast SE software.

    At f/3.5...

    At 3 5 copy.jpg

    Just Rode In For A Latte...

    Just Rode Down For A Latte.jpg

    Heritage Reproduction

    Heritage Reproduction copy.jpg


    Moa copy.jpg

    Read All About It

    Read All About It copy.jpg


    Wagon copy.jpg

  15. It might be a 1962 Chevy. I'm not as familiar with that model as others. From the front fender it looks like it might have a 409. The '62 was the first year of the 409 which replaced the 348 as the big block option.
  16. Across the Bay from Norfolk Virginia is Old Town Portsmouth where on High St. you'll find the beautifully restored Commodore Theatre. Opened in late 1945, (and named after Commodore James Barron) had about 1000 seats. Currently, the new owner made changes to accommodate dining. (Samsung AF Slim, portra 400)... Untitled-Scanned-ap803 - Copy (6) - Copy - Copy - Copy.JPG
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  17. Looks like an Impala with a V8.
  18. Flanders Fields American Cemetery, Armistice/Veterans Day
    Yashica 635, Yashikor 8cm f/3.5, Fomapan 100
  19. Great work, Rick; fine composition, superb use of DOF and excellent tonality. In my humble opinion, of course...
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  20. It's a little quiet on the thread this weekend; perhaps the onset of the Northern winter is slowing the photographic activities of many members. Anyway, just to keep things going, here are some images from a roll of Ilford FP4 Plus, shot with a Canon FD T70 fitted with a Tamron Adaptall II 35-135mm f/3.5-4.5 (Model 40a) and developed in PMK Pyro. Scans from an EpsonV700 Photo using Silverfast SE software.

    Christmas Comes

    Christmas Comes copy.jpg

    Davis Foods

    Davis Foods copy.jpg


    Dappled copy.jpg

    Christmas Comes 002

    Christmas Comes 002 copy.jpg

    The Wheel As Art

    The Wheel as Art copy.jpg


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