Film Camera Week for May 11

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  1. Welcome! If you hadn't said this was from Japan, I probably wouldn't have noticed that the "Mediterranean-style" tile roof is actually a pagoda-style tile roof.
  2. Thank you. If you look closely under my watermark you will see the kanji "止" (tome), which means "stop", painted on the street. This is in Hiroshima, just across from Peace Memorial Park.
  3. [​IMG]
    Remembrance Day, Wageningen
    Leica IIIc, 7.3cm f/1.9 Hektor, Double-X
  4. My first attempt at long exposure with film.
    Hasselblad 501CM, Zeiss Planar 80 2.8, 10 stop ND, 3 min 50 sec, Ilford Delta 100, Ilfosol 3 (1-9), Epson 850. Time on the meter plus ND factor was 2 min, Adjusted for film reciprocity to 3:50. Is there a better way to do this?
    Seascape Dream
    Without the ND filter at 1 sec
  5. I wouldn't recognize that, even if I'd known it was there. I thought it was just a patch of light reflected off a window, or something.
    With the looks on the faces of the two guys in the rear, this could easily be titled "Court Martial".
    Why would you need a better way, when your results are already so fantastic?
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