Film Camera Week for March 9

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  1. JDM- That GAF 500 image looks great. Back in the mid 70's when my family had a camera shop we never stocked any GAF 35mm or 120, although I tried to talk my dad into stocking the GAF 500. The minimum order was too high, though. We did stock the GAF Super 8 movie film and sold the GAF movie cameras. When Ektachrome 400 hit the market that satisfied my need for a fast slide film and I even had a roll pushed for exposure at E.I. 800 with decent results.
  2. Mississippi State University is in Starkville. The Grant Presidential Library has a lot of original documents that serve as primary sources for historians. This adds to the reputation nationally of MSU.
  3. They were made an offer no University has ever refused........
    A Grant......
  4. LOL! Wow!
  5. Awesome sharpness and detail!
  6. K, thanks. If you're thinking I was knocking MSU, I wasn't. It's just that Grant is about as popular in Mississippi as Sherman is in Georgia, so it seems an odd location.
  7. A very wet week past, with more rain to come, but I sneaked out early this morning and managed to capture a few banal images with the Mamiya 645 1000s and a Mamiya Sekor 55-105mm f/4.5 lens. The film was Bergger Pancro 400 developed in PMK Pyro, scans from an Epson V700 Photo.





    First Light in the Cafe

    First Light at the Cafe.jpg

    Big Sky Wines

    Big Sky Wines.jpg



  8. A few more to keep our thread going. These from a roll of HP5+ that I processed in HC110 dilution H.
    Neighbor's cat (Tonks) enjoying warm car hood, Maxxum 8000i with 50mm f2.8 Macro

    outside Barnes and Noble, also 8000i, hand held in Program Mode

    manually set shutter as programmed speed was too slow

    HWY 45 Alt. photo taken while waiting of wife to buy donuts, same gear
  9. Himatic_165_FIAT500 Abarth.jpg

    Minolta Himatic 7S Berrger Pancro400
  10. As always, great photos, everyone.
    In a couple of weeks I will have some new color photos as I sent two rolls of 35mm Fujicolor (one shot in Olympus XA) and a roll of 120 Reala (either in Fujica GS 645S or in Mamiya 645J.
    The beginning of each week's new thread has been around 5:00 or so CST, but I may start it a few hours early this Thursday as my wife, youngest son, and I will be waiting for our granddaughter to be born later that morning.
  11. One from last summer: This building used to be the Bell Telephone local office. It's abandoned now, but the microwave relay tower behind it is still in use. They just upgrade the antennas as needed.
    old Bell Telephone office, SRT 101 with 24mm Vivitar and Eastman 5222

    From the archives: This is the microwave tower as it appeared in the late 1970's. Kodachrome 64 slide with Celtic 28mm f2.8 plus polarizing filter on Minolta SRT 201.
    Today the tennis courts are the church parking lot.
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  12. Congrats on the imminent arrival :)
  13. Thanks, davecaz. Of course I'll have at least one film camera with me, but I'll have to take a few digital images for the family.

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