Film Camera Week for March 9

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. Awesome beginning to our weekly thread, everyone. Off for spring break until the 19th so I should be more active on than usual, even with first grandchild expected in just under a week.
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  2. My first grandchild is 10 years old and is learning to use my FM2n. Welcome to being a grandparent,
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  3. Thanks, James. My oldest son, who is soon to be a father, has taken a liking to film gear (he uses a Minolta SRT 201 and Konica Auto S2) will hopefully get his daughter into photography as soon as she's old enough to hold a camera.
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  4. Hello everyone. It is heart warming to see "my old 4x5" in Brad's hands. Along with the 4x5, two complete Pentax K1000 kit's went his way, to be handed on to several high schools he filters cameras too. Most of us here on CMC are collectors, big & small, of various 35mm & other format cameras. I hope some will also consider programs of getting these cameras into a younger generation of "photogs". I do not have the time & energy for using my cameras 24/7, so more will be heading Brad's way when I return to the mainland in several months. For now, the Fed's & a Zorki keep me happy at my various Farmers Markets & other local events. Aloha, Bill
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  5. V2.2 is being a bear at present. Here is the picture. Fed-2 / Jupiter-8, Kentmere400, OA & V600 scan. Aloha, 2k18-019-009 ces13 bc.jpg Bill
  6. Last year I bought my Son a FM2n from KEH for his birthday.
  7. Three from my newly acquired 35mm f1.4 AIS Nikkor (on a circa 1976 Nikon F2) taken, developed, and scanned last Sunday. Tri-X in Rodinal (1:1). Buddy triptych 3 (for Photonet).jpg
  8. GAF 500 Slide Film
    w/ some post processing
  9. Entiat Valley, North of Wenatchee, WA. Calumet CC-400, Fujinon 90mm F/5.6 SWD, F/22 or 32, FP4, D-76, V800, Spotted, lightly modified for light and contrast.

    Ardenvoir Post Office

    Ardenvoir Smaller.jpg

    Mom and Dad:

    Mom n Dad Smaller.jpg

    Class Year Hill, Entiat (Dates back into the '20s)

    Class Year Hill Entiat Smaller.jpg
  10. Wow. I wonder if they appreciate the irony of naming a library in Mississippi for Grant. It's not in Vicksburg, is it?
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  11. Beautiful shot of your folks :)
  12. I love the light in these. The last one has personality plus+++
  13. Hello
    Question on the Rodinal 1:1, I am not sure I understand that
  14. My mistake. I meant 1:50. I just mixed a batch of D76 and must have been thinking ahead . . .
  15. Sorry - it should have read Rodinal (1:50)!
  16. Thanks very much!
  17. Thanks
    Very nice photos
  18. Park-path-Foma-200-50mm.jpg Park-path-Foma-200-50mm-2.jpg

    A walk in the park.
    Nikkormat FT2, 50mm AI f2, orange filter on Foma 200 exposed @100 and stand developed in Tmax developer 1-32 for 1 hour.

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