Film Camera Week for March 30

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  1. argus a-four
  2. 40457173961_cddff11e8b_b.jpg
    Nikon F Micro Nikkor P 55mm 3,5
    Pencil sharpener
  3. I took out the Samoca 35 Super I posted a photograph of in the current "What camera are you using this weekend?" thread, with a load of Kentmere 100. It's a tiny camera but very solid; the viewfinder is a little woeful but the rangefinder spot is good and bright and properly aligned. Unknown to me, the shutter blades were sticking open at speeds of 1/50th or slower, so I managed to fog a fair proportion of the film. However, the shots I took at speeds high that 1/50th were fine, and they demonstrated the surprisingly good quality of the little 50mm Ezuma f/3.5 lens. While it has the edge problems inherent in triplet lenses of this era, stopped-down it performs very well, sharp and with excellent contrast. I'll post some samples below; the film was developed in PMK Pyro. Meanwhile, I'll add the camera to the waiting list of "Little Things I Must Do"...

    Should anyone be interested, I put together a few notes on the Samoca 35 Super for the forum, way back in 2014.

    The Strangest Samoca


    Veedub Pnet.jpg


    Medina Pnet.jpg

    On West Street

    On West Stret Pnet.jpg


    Verandah Pnet.jpg

    Charlie's Shed


  4. Last Weekend the weather was finally cooperative, in fact it was very nice. I used the Werra outfitted with the Flektogon. In addition a pre-war 6x9 Bessa folder with a 3.5 Skopar. In the Werra was Kentmere100 and I used Rollei 400s in the Bessa both souped in D76 1:1. Again, no work or treatment, straight auto scans. I generally like the way this 400s emulsion turns out, but the base curls so badly and it's a bitch to scan. I really need to get the after-market improved negative carriers.

    So I will post 2 or three from each roll.



    View to the city from Museum park


    Graf Adolf Platz insurance building?


    Neptune?? Statue Kunst Museum


    Kunst Museum lovely 6x9 negative

    skopar03.jpg skopar03.jpg

    Nymph in Museum park
  5. From Helsinki this week. Minolta X-500, MD 35-70mm, Fomapan 100, Fomadon LQN.

    img576.jpg img582.jpg
  6. Hello everyone. Chuck if you are happy with the Kentmere100, and perhaps the 400 material, in 35mm, you might consider the Ultrafine Xtreme 120 materials. Over the last few years I have come to believe they are "re-badged" Kentmere material. Ebay has the material, and a direct web site is on line. Curl is not a problem with the 120. 2k18-026-014 ces10 bc 4x6.jpg Fed-2/Jupiter-8, Kentmere400, OA & V600 scan. Aloha, Bill
  7. From a roll of Kentmere 100 that I shot last week and developed and scanned this weekend.
    Shot this from edge of road. Might try again with a longer lens.
    can you find the car, Konica TCX, 40mm f 1.8 Hexanon
  8. What is it about Mississippi and Arkansas folks parking cars in the woods......
  9. Wa. State has a following of woods-parkers also!
  10. I don't think even the guys at Iron Resurrection on Velocity Channel would touch that one. Also nearly hidden was this building.
    remains of building, just a few dozen yards from the abandoned car

    Not a big fan of walking onto unfamiliar property so may try some telephoto shots later.
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  11. I remember as a kid squirrel hunting in the Ozarks coming upon an old car in the woods. It was full of empty Prince Albert tobacco cans, maybe 300 or more.
    It still had that "old car smell", LMAO.

    Kinda surreal.

    That brings some photo thoughts to mind......
  12. I remember coming out of unfamiliar woods at dusk from bow hunting one evening.
    Could swear I saw a human face staring at me.
    As I eased closer the hair stood up on the back of my neck because it was definitely someone looking at me, motionless and without a word.
    Creeped me out enough that I nocked a broadhead.
    Turned out to be a plastic doll's head stuck on a limb.
    An old abandoned home site similar to what you describe.
    Sooner or later nature takes it all back.
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  13. Quite an experience. Around here I'd worry more about not seeing a face, but getting shot at.
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  14. Scratching a recurring photographic itch, a couple of weeks ago I borrowed a Toyoview 45C monorail 4x5 camera from a friend and shot a few sheets of Kodak Tri-X 400. It sure felt good to have the old dark cloth over my head again, but I really haven't time to indulge in yet another format. Sigh... Anyway, here are a couple of samples. The lens was a 90mm Schneider Super Angulon f/5.6,and the film was developed in Ilford ID-11 and scanned on the Epson V700 Photo.


    Estuary copy.jpg

    Low Water

    Low Water copy.jpg

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  15. Before heading out to the darkroom and later some yard work, here's a couple more color shots from a roll of Fuji Superior 400 that I had developed and scanned at Dwayne's.
    more landscaping, Rollei B35

    favorite Mexican restaurant, early morning close to Christmas, Rollei B35
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  16. Just about the only bit of film I shot in about a month..... can we have some spring please!!



    Both Yashica D, Fuji Acros 100 in Rodinal 1:50
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  17. I keep meaning to get my Yashica D out for some exercise. Maybe next weekend.
  18. The more I use it, the more I like it. It does create an itch for a Rollei, but I especially appreciate the relative low weight of the Yashica, so it's easy to not scratch that itch :)

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