Film Camera Week for March 19, 2021

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  1. Greetings, all and welcome to our new thread. Post all the images you like from any film camera. I'll start with some images from a roll of Ilford HP5+ that I processed and scanned earlier this week. Camera was Olympus IS-30.
    road paving 1 Main Street in West Point
    road paving 2
    road paving 3
    parking behind Dorman Hall at Mississippi State, (used 28mm setting on IS-30
    same view at 110mm (propped up on car as slow shutter warning was visible)
    A couple of shots with flash
    The IS-30 in addition to program allows aperture to be set- I used f 11 for this image of Elvis (one of my youngest son's cats)
    One more
    making friends, also at f 11
    The little IS-30 is a handy little package that I don't use as often as I should. That's all the images for now. Looking forward to seeing everyone's images.
  2. Snow in woods. Nikon FM2n, Zeiss Milvus 50/1.4, UV filter, Kodak TMAX 100. 2021 ab&w 1a 16.jpg
  3. Snow looking down power line. Nikon FM2n, Zeiss Milvus 50/1.4, UV filter, TMAX 100. 2021 ab&w 1a 18.jpg
  4. Tree top with clouds. Nikon FM2n, Nikkor 105/2.5 ais, Tiffen #12 yellow filter, 100 TMAX. 2021 ab&w 1a 24.jpg
  5. Bent tree. Nikon FM2n, Nikkor 35/1.4 ais, #12, 100 TMAX 2021 ab&w 1a 28.jpg
  6. Phebus enjoying my walk. Nikon FM2n, Nikkor 35/1.4 ais, #12, 100 TMAX. 2021 ab&w 1a 32.jpg
  7. Bishop Hill Community
    (Swedish Pietist)
    Church Chandelier

    Nikkormat FTn, Nikkor-S 55mm f/1.2
  8. ko rapid, fp4/perceptol ixxxx277 - Copy (4).jpg
  9. Some from a Minolta Dynax 7 with a 35-70mm Minolta f/4 lens. The film was Ilford FP4 Plus developed in PMK Pyro.


    Tawaha copy.jpg


    Armour copy.jpg


    Gums copy.jpg



    Ready for the Day

    Ready for the Day copy.jpg


    Oakridge copy.jpg

  10. The Sitter (2).jpg
    The sitter. Circa 1974 Fujica GL690 with 100mm f3.5 Fujinon; T-Max in D76.
  11. Some years ago in Fairford England, Pentax ME-Super, 28/2.8 Gemini MC on K64

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  12. Working boats, Provincetownn, Massachusetts. Sept 2020
    Camera: Voigtlander R3m; lens: Voigtander 50mm f3.5 Heliar; film: Rolle Superpan 200









  13. Birds on the Fence. Fed-3 / Jupiter-8, Astrum Foto 200 @ 125, Pyrocat HDC & V600 scan. Aloha, Bill 2k21-016-033 ces10 bc bm.jpg
  14. To keep things moving along, here are a few from a length of Ilford FP4 Plus I shot last week, using a Canon EOS 30 and a 17-35mm Tamron SP Aspherical f/2.8-4 lens. I bought the lens some years ago for use on the digital platform, and I haven't used it much with film as it produces strong micro-contrast that can be a little overwhelming in monochrome. However, sometimes I feel the need for a punchier image, and this lens gets dusted off. The film was developed in PMK Pyro and scanned on a Epson V800 using Silverfast SE software.


    Scaffold copy.jpg


    Conversation copy.jpg


    Workhorse copy.jpg



    Down and Out

    Down and Out copy.jpg


    Shed copy.jpg

  15. 002CMC Miguelón Caballos Elmar5.jpg Leica IIIc. 1950 Elmar 5 (50 mm). Tri-X 400. D-76 (1:1) 9' 34" at 20ºC (1 inversion per minute)

    011CMC Tienda Chinchón Summitar5 f8 1-100.jpg Leica IIIc. 1948 Summitar 5 (50 mm) Tri-X 400. 1/100 at f8. D-76 (1:1) 9' 34" at 20ºC (1 inversion per minute)​
  16. Espio_0026_Veer.jpg Espio_0028_Kunst.jpg Espio_0029_RCE.jpg Espio_0032_Betoncentrale.jpg
    Pentax Optio Kodak Color 200
  17. Buddy. Nikon F100, Tamron 45 1.8 @f2, Foma 200 in Microphen 1-3 for 13 minutes.
    buddy-45mm-foma 200-Micrphen 1-3 copy.jpg

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