Film Camera Week for June 8

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    That's a great idea, Rick. I used to have a 3m, but traded it on something else (probably another Zenit!). My favorites are the 12XP, TTL, the Automat series, and the 18/19.

    Speaking of which, here's a bit more filler for this week.

    Mighty 19.jpg

    The "Mighty 19"
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  2. I think I've missed something not owning a Zenit or two. Might have to start looking for one.
  3. Davecaz said:
    Magnificent! The 12XPs are the latest I have. Yes, Mike, they are a fascinating and unique line of cameras.
  4. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    That's the other Dave. :)
  5. There you guys are,. . .encouraging GAS. . . I am (was??) doing so well in my 12 step. Bill
  6. OOps! Sorry...! I'll just have to get my Daves sorted...
  7. I've seen many wonderful photographs made with both of these cameras. I think that my inability to get the best out of them is due to my limitations rather than to those of the cameras! :)
  8. There are only two of us? That's not enough!
    I don't mind being sorted, just don't fold me.
  9. Talking Zenit, one from last year on the Zenit EM and Fujinon 55. Arista 200 in Rodinal.

    Apr17ZENFuj55Ultra200Rod509min (8).jpg

  10. I am a Zenit 3M fan. It was my main camera for many years, and I did not even know that the lens (a Helios-44) was interchangeable, nor did I care too much for that fact.
  11. Hello all
    Here are a few from the new Perkeo II
    Expired Delta 100 HC110 Dil E
    Came out better than expected and the camera worked great.

    I see aliens
    Perkeo II exp Delta 100 HC110 Dil E valves.jpg
    Perkeo II exp Delta 100 HC110 Dil E trash.jpg

    Perkeo II exp Delta 100 HC110 Dil E table.jpg
    Perkeo II exp Delta 100 HC110 Dil E dome.jpg
  12. Very nice. Is it a pleasant camera to shoot with?
    Me, too.
  13. Hello Dave
    It is about the same as any other folder, it makes me slow down and do everything right.
    The camera itself is pretty small so it is light which makes it nice to use.
  14. Aloha, I'm a bit late to the party this week. I was playing with EBay last week and ended up winning a bid on a black Rollei 35 SE. I have had a burning desire for one of these for the past two years. When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the condition. No scratches or dents, mechanically functioning, and only slight brassing on the advance lever. I went to the drug store and purchased three LR44 and one LR43 batteries to replace the dead mercury cell. I was concerned with the 6.2v vs 5.7v mercury cell but, that seems to work fine. I tested the light readings from the camera with my Sekonic L758DR and they were either exact or very close. The meter is a bit of a pain as it seems to require fairly bright light to read. Guessing the exposure or using the Sekonic proved to be a lot quicker than fiddling with the camera's meter. My greatest challenge was estimating the distance for zone focus. Ok, now for some pics from my Sunday morning hike. I was impressed with the sharpness of the 40mm Sonnar lens. Shot on HP5, Ilfotec DD-X, and scanned emulsion side down on Epson 850.


    Old Pali Road

    Old Pali Road (Same composition I posted last week with the Zorki 4)

    Tree Flower (2.8 at 3ft)

  15. Excellent pics! I used to use DD-X, but at least here in Finland it is very expensive, so I use Rodinal now, which is dirt cheap.
  16. Nice results from the Rollei, Randall. Having owned three Rolleis for the last few years, I find myself taking one along more often than other small cameras when I don't want to keep up with a larger SLR or rangefinder.
  17. Another Kodak Auto Graflex shot, with a slight light leak.

  18. A few more from the same roll of HP5+.
    employee training, Minolta SRT 101 with Rokkor 35-70
    I think I've come full circle with the 35-70 zooms. When "all purpose" zooms began to appear the 35-70 were the only ones that performed well enough. I had tried the Tamron 38-100 (too much barrel distortion at wide end) and the Soligor 28-80 (edges not sharp at wide end). A few years later the wider range zooms (like 35-105, 28-85, 35-135) had improved so much that I began to use them. Now, though, I find the compactness of the 35-70 (especially the small Tamron 35-70) more important to me than more range.
    back of shop, same gear as above
    missed focus a bit (wide open), prime napping spot
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  19. Had a roll of Plus-X that I had taken out of cold storage and shot some photos on it last week. I normally use HC110 dilution B for most Kodak black & white and dilution H for everything else. Decided to try Plus-X with dilution H. One of my photos here. I will have more ready when new thread starts tomorrow.
    \ upload_2018-6-13_16-52-10.jpeg
    Minolta SRT 101, MD Rokkor 35-70 f 3.5
  20. Nice shot.

    I've eaten at a Texas Roadhouse. The food was good, but it was NOISY!

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