Film Camera Week for June 8

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  1. Rick - your pictures of cameras are as arresting as those made with them and your writing - is there anything you cannot do?!
  2. Great pics from the XA. I liked the idea of it, but could never bond with mine - I think it was so small and the shutter button was so sensitive, that I couldn't hold it steady or would fire before I could steady myself! So I gave it away, and then (because I am also a big fan of Mr. Maitani), I bought an XA2 - not sure if it will change my mind. :)
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  3. Here are a few from me - Zeiss Ikon Contessa, Fujicolor C200. The Contessa is such a lovely little camera!



  4. Yes, the XA (and its siblings) are great for cycling. For quick shots from cycling I often use the XA-2 or even an XA-1, which has a selenium meter that still works. While I prefer the extra speed of the XA's f 2.8 lens, the XA-2 is so cheap that I might carry it with me under less "camera friendly" conditions. For example, I have to get on the roof my XA-2 usually rides in my shirt pocket.
    A few samples:
    Tesla coil, McWane Center, Birmingham AL. XA-2 with TMAX 400, propped on arm of chair
    From a cycling trip
    XA with Tri-X

    XA-1 with Tri-X
    XA-1, Tri-X, railroad yard limit
    Youngest son and my wife, XA with Tri-X
  5. I'm fairly impressed. It's miles ahead of the old box cameras.
  6. Cool. You're probably right about most publishers being reluctant to take on the challenge, but someone is still publishing coffee table books. This doesn't have to be that large, but it's definitely a coffee table kind of book, in my mind. And I don't think it's been done, yet. At least, I've never seen anything like it for cameras. I see a new one for cars every few months, and a new one for aircraft once a year, or so. And all sorts of other stuff that doesn't interest me. But, I've honestly never paid any attention to who the publishers were. It wouldn't be hard to find out, though. All it takes is a scouting trip to the bookstore. (Oh, no! Don't throw me into that briar patch!)

    And there's always the self-publishing route. The books produced by companies like Blurb and Shutterfly are really very nice. I've never investigated international options, but it's almost certainly possible.
  7. "Jurgen who?", said the newbie.
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  9. Many actually prefer XA2 to XA. I use zone focusing in my XA, so I could as well use XA2. I agree that the shutter button is too sensitive.
  10. At medium to small apertures it's pretty much a dead heat as to whether the XA or XA-2 performs better. In low light (where the long exposures make the shutter go "claaaaa-ck" the XA might have an edge if stopped down to f 5.6 or 8. The XA-2 would be wide open at f 3,5 and to my eyes looks better than the XA at f 2.8 (apples and oranges I suppose). I'm amazed at how well the XA-1 does in bright light compared to its more expensive siblings. I do like the self time on the XA and XA-2.
  11. Yes, Contessa is a beauty. Unfortunately, in my own Contessa the shutter sticks. someday I'll have it repaired. The lens is excellent :)
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  12. rajmohabfotograf said:
    Thank you...I'd like to be 100% happy with the things I do, but that's still a summit to be achieved.Yours is lovely creative work with the Contessa; they are a beautiful little machine.
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  13. I recently found some VPH (Vericolor 400) negatives from around 1989. The film was shot in my Yashica D, which I'd picked up used for 60 USD from a service facility that had done a CLA. The film was processed by Van's in Mobile, AL. My dad used VPS instead of VPH for portraits and copy work and I used VPS for the occasional weekend wedding that I would do back then. Tried the VPH to give a little more flexibility with the Yashica. I also tried the film in 35mm but found it too grainy for weddings, Of course, many years later Portra 400 could deliver the results I wanted.
    Here's a couple of scans from the VPH
    My dad in front of one of our backgrounds. I should have used the studio flash here.
    My mother relaxing, I used bounce flash from my Sunpak AP 52
  14. While tinkering with a few old cameras last week I was struck by the thought that there's very little presence on CMC of the KMZ Zenit, one of the mainstay cameras of FSU 35mm photography; plenty of Feds and Zorkis but very few Zenits. So, yesterday afternoon I loaded up a Zenit E, one of the earlier models, and took a brief walk round town. The lens was an early version of the well-known 58mm Helios f/2, the 44-m.

    The camera is not a comfortable one to use, being heavy, boxy and generally a little clunky, with a shutter release that terminates in a series of serrations that presumably were designed to provide a grip for gloved fingers, but don't do much for the comfort of a naked fingertip. There is one of those frustrating little intermittent light leaks in the camera, and the very minimal coatings on the old Helios were ineffective against our low harsh light, but I manged to salvage a few frames. The film was Arista EDU Ultra 100 developed in PMK Pyro.











  15. Amazing. You must have impossibly high standards if you aren't happy with these. I'm not crazy about Bokeh, but the others are stunning.
  16. davecaz said:
    Me neither, but I felt obliged to show the distinctive OOF effect of the Helios. I find it a little harsh and ugly.
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  17. Agreed
  18. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Thanks for sharing these, Rick. I have 10 different Zenits (6 screw-mount and 4 K-mount) and have often posted pictures taken with them here. They are my favorite cameras.
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  19. Dave, I was trying to recall which CMC member was the Zenith fan, remembering your contributions. That's a great collection of Zenits; I'll own up to having about 10, and while they're not my cameras of choice, they're very durable and capable. My favourite is the delightful little 3M pictured below. Perhaps we should start a Zenit thread!

    Zenit 3M

    Zenit 3M Pnet.JPG
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